Resurgence: The Independence Day Sequel That’s Not Going Away

Via Twentieth Century Fox
Via Twentieth Century Fox

So it’s really happening. A sequel to Independence Day. Sadly, I’m not excited for it. The original is a favorite of mine so, when news first broke about the follow-up, I found it totally unnecessary. Now, as more information comes to light, it’s possible it might not suck, but I’m still less than thrilled.

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Bungie’s Destiny House of Wolves Expansion–Will I really have to buy this AGAIN?!

Bungie continuously keeps me hooked with their Destiny expansions even while I may be disappointed in their Fall release and have to possibly re-purchase the whole game. Each one releases more story lines, more challenges, and interesting plot twists. House of Wolves, so far, is the most impressive of the two they released. While they made it impossible for players to participate with friends if they did not buy the expansion, the expansion included brand new challenges to appeal to the mood you’re in that day. Continue reading Bungie’s Destiny House of Wolves Expansion–Will I really have to buy this AGAIN?!


Misty Copeland named American Ballet Theatre’s first black principal ballerina!

After a 14-year career with the American Ballet Theatre, 32-year-old Misty Copeland has been promoted to the role of principal female dancer. This marks the first time in the ballet company’s 75-year history that a black woman has held such a position. The announcement was made earlier today that Ms. Copeland, along with three other dancers, would be advancing to the position of principal ballerina.

Ms. Copeland in an ad for Under Armour. Source.
Ms. Copeland in an ad for Under Armour. Source.

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First Image of New “Ghostbusters” Uniforms and Proton Pack Released

Many have speculated what the heck the new, all female Ghostbusters movie is going to be like. From the casting, humor, mood – everything has been speculated. But now, with production underway, we’re finally getting our first look into this new girl power team of ghostbustin’ fighters will be like, thanks to director Paul Feig’s Twitter account.

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10 Reasons to Watch Leverage

Compared to other TV shows, Leverage is a really great gemstone obscured by all-too-mainstream  diamonds. There are plenty of TV dramas focused around crime with a team dynamic, but most of those are procedural crime-solvers. And very rare is it that you get a show where every member of the team is treated equally.

But Leverage, and all five of its lovely seasons, has just that, along with a slew of crime-committing. So what’s the story? Former insurance investigator Nathan Ford is asked to lead a group of expert criminals so they can steal back important documents for a powerful client. A one-time only event becomes not only the start of a team, but a family.


Let’s go steal some reasons to watch Leverage.

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Q & A With Gail Carriger

Steampunk World’s Fair (SPWF) is one of the largest steampunk conventions in the world, and this year they amped up their awesomeness by inviting Gail Carriger, New York Times bestselling author, to speak on panels and do a signing. I have never seen a line for anything at SPWF before Ms. Carriger’s signing line. She chatted with everyone in the line including an Alexia Taraboti cosplayer, and a woman with a Bumbersnoot. After she had signed every book put on her table, I got to sit down with her and ask her a few questions.

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On the Picture Book Beat

Illustrator Claire Keane’s break out book sends reader to a world of pastel wonder. In the fashion of fantastical journeys, Once Upon a Cloud sends yourself and protagonist Celeste on a grand expedition. Celeste is driven to gift her mom the perfect present but can’t decide on what. A simple but honorable task, it is not taken lightly, as she enlists the help of a few ephemeral guardians for inspiration. An artist legacy, Claire Keane has been a part of creating some of your favorite contemporary Disney characters, the most notable being the visual development for Tangled and Frozen. As a visual development artist her concept art is breathtaking and communicates the atmosphere, emotions, mood, and characteristics of the story. A powerhouse illustrator, you will find her creative process and stylized illustrations translate beautiful to her first picture book, Once Upon a Cloud.tumblr_na9emg84NG1qcx6iuo1_1280 Continue reading On the Picture Book Beat


E3 2015: The Changing Tides of the Industry


Rise of the Tomb Raider

A year ago, my coverage of E3 was, well, less than enthusiastic. It seemed as though the desire to design, develop, or generally direct attention at women and female characters was lacking. This, perhaps, was most clearly seen in Ubisoft’s excuse that it was “too hard” to animate female bodies, but exhibited also in the lack of women on stage to present the games they couldn’t see themselves in.

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Same-Sex Marriage Legalized Nationwide by Supreme Court

princess bride

Marriage equality has long been an issue in the U.S. Many states have made same-sex marriage legal, especially within the last few years, but many states have also been steadfast in their “traditional” views of marriage. Up until now, marriage in some areas has been legally defined as “the union of one man and one woman.” (SOURCE) Since the issue has been contested for a long time, many citizens brought their cases to the Supreme Court, explaining that they believed their relationships were just as valid as any heterosexual relationship. This opened some eyes to the importance of this issue and the Supreme Court eventually agreed to vote on whether or not the civil liberty of marriage would be granted to all individuals (as opposed to the decision by popular vote). Today, in a momentous victory, the court ruled in favor of equal rights in a 5-4 verdict. Both liberal and conservative justices wrote for their side of the argument. Each side was fervent in their attempts, but those on the side of equality won today. This decision could open doors to a new era of social justice. Anthony Kennedy, one of the liberal court justices, stated that he believed all people deserve “equal dignity in the eyes of the law.” (SOURCE) He went on to say that the Constitution grants equality for all people, and marriage falls under that fundamental right. Many conservative justices claimed that this issue did not hold any real importance to them and that the decision had “nothing to do with the Constitution.” (SOURCE) It is possible that the contradictory and inconsistent views of the conservative side of this debate may have been part of the reason they were not able to win this particular battle.

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Checking out Doctor Who: The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors is unique among multi-Doctor stories because it is not an anniversary special. It has more in common with the “Time-Crash” minisode from 2007 than The Three Doctors or The Five DoctorsWhen fans tuned into Doctor Who on the 16th of February 1985 they were in for a surprise. Instead of the Sixth Doctor and Peri, the episode opens with the Second Doctor and his companion Jamie. If viewers hadn’t read the Radio Times for that week, they’d spend the first ten minutes of the episode confused, wondering where their regular Doctor was.

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