This Week on TV: Oct 15-21

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This week on TV….Once Upon a Time covered the “Strange Case” of Jekyll and Hyde’s backstory, and introduced an incognito Princess Jasmine (Karen David) to Storybrooke. On Agents of SHIELD, Daisy enlists Jemma’s help in determining The Watchdogs’ next move. Meanwhile, Coulson and Mack’s investigation into Momentum Labs leads them directly to Eli Morrow, the jailed uncle of Robbie Reyes.

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How The Rocky Horror Picture Show Prepared Me For Adulthood


In celebration of FOX’s Rocky Horror Remake, here’s a few thoughts from Kayla on this famous cult classic. 

I recently got engaged, and one of the questions I got asked was, “are you going to throw rice?” I replied, “Hell, no! I’ve had rice stuck in a corset before and cleaning it up is not fun!” My friend then gave me one of those looks, the one that simultaneously says “Why?” “How?” And “I don’t want to know.” I explained that part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) shadow cast experience is throwing rice, and when I’d get home and changed, I would have to bend to a 90 degree angle, to try and catch most of the rice in the corset, and then still vacuum dried rice up weeks later.

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10 Spooky Books to Read this Halloween Season

Whether you want to bring some book-lovin’ to your Halloween or some Halloween to your book-lovin’, you’ve come to the right spot! I’ve compiled a list of the spookiest books I’ve read lately, be they legitimately scary or merely thematically appropriate. Check out these titles if you want to set the tone for this year’s spooky season: Continue reading 10 Spooky Books to Read this Halloween Season


Boldly Going: “Broken Bow”

Riding the high that the Star Trek franchise enjoyed during the mid 90s, a fourth spin-off to the original show was ordered. Brannon Braga and Rick Berman teamed up to create a prequel halfway between the 21st century seen in Star Trek: First Contact  and the beginning of Kirk’s voyage seen in “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” After the Vulcans notice humanity’s first warp flight, they leave a delegation on Earth to guide humanity’s first steps into deep space. However, not everyone is a fan of the Vulcans, as some grumble the aliens are deliberately withholding information and keeping humanity back.

The warp program was started by Zefram Cochrane to develop space vessels with faster-than-light engines. By 2151 they had a prototype vessel that had a Warp 5 engine. Earth is united and war, disease, and hunger are considered “wiped out” by some humans. Earth certainly looks far removed from the World War Three fallout we saw in First Contact. But the Vulcans still deem humanity unworthy for deep space travel because of their volatile nature. Everything changes when a Klingon crash lands in Oklahoma. Despite knowing very little about the species, Admiral Forrest decides to launch Enterprise ahead of schedule so they can return the Klingon to his home planet.

Enterprise (NX-01) leaves space dock

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Long Live Luke Cage: A Review

It took me a week, but I finally got around to binge-watching Luke Cage. It takes me a while to sort out my feelings usually, but…I loved it. Mike Colter as Cage is one of many stars in this exceptional cast of color. The dialogue is occasionally corny, which the show itself acknowledges. If it has one big problem, it’s trying to fit the wide array of Harlem culture in a mere thirteen episodes.


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Maija Urrelo

“Hard Days Night” – “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years” Movie Review

You know the words: “I want to hold your hand, i want to hold your hand!” That is exactly what this documentary on The Beatles’s touring years does as it guides you through a timeline of their best albums, their international concerts and other concurrent historical events that capture the zeitgeist of the era. Not much new can be said about The Beatles: they stand out in both the annals of music history and the hearts of millions of fans, and their iconography still influences popular culture. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years, however,  is not encumbered by the excess of information, but provides beautiful remastered footage and photographs of the fab four building their musical repertoire, one screaming fangirl at a time.


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New York Comic Con 2016 in a Nutshell

This was a year of major firsts for New York Comic Con. This year, the convention featured three offsite venues, including Madison Square Garden. While con attendance reached record numbers, the offsite spaces meant that the main show floor, hallways, and Artists Alley didn’t often feel overcrowded (the exception being a few peak times each day). image Continue reading New York Comic Con 2016 in a Nutshell


AMERICA YES: America Chavez Slated for Solo Series

As someone who doesn’t get to read comics as often as I’d like, I learn about the coolest characters through my friends, and occasionally Tumblr. So while I’m not the go-to expert on Young Avenger America Chavez, I’m no less pumped today’s NYCC news.

This fan-favorite female superhero will be getting a solo title in 2017! Why is Miss America so beloved? She’s a Latin-American LGBTQ teenager saving the world one punch at a time. Her powers include super strength, invulnerability, flight, and tearing holes in reality.


The book is simply titled America and will feature cover work by Jamie McKelvie, who worked on Young Avengers. Details are still sparse, but DG will be sure to report more as it becomes available.

What do you hope to see in America’s solo series? Share in the comments!