Should Authors Read Fan Fiction?

While I am an avid reader of fan fiction and also write it from time to time, I also really enjoy writing just regular old fiction. As I started to write more of my own original characters and worlds, I began to think about authors I’ve seen speak who are unable to write or read fan fiction. I have heard from many authors that their contract does not allow them to read fan fiction of any kind as well as write it.

Cassandra Clare wrote fan fiction before she was published
Cassandra Clare wrote fan fiction before she was published. She has stated in signings that she is not allowed to read fan fiction of her works.

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How to Prepare for BEA and Book Con

image2015 will see me through my seventh Book Expo, and my second Book Con, and I couldn’t be more pumped. There are some seriously exciting guests attending both events, some really exciting breakfasts and panels, and there is bound to be some killer swag. Whether you’re going to BEA, Book Con, or both, if it’s your first year, it’s going to be overwhelming. The Javitz Center is HUGE. Here are my tips for successfully navigating this convention:

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Steampunk Worlds Fair: Bigger and Better Than Ever

imageThis past weekend was one of the largest steampunk conventions in the United States, and this is the first year they’ve ever capped the attendance. Steampunk Worlds Fair (SPWF) boasts some of the most well-known steampunk musicians, authors, and makers, and this year Jeff Mach Events stepped up their game in a major way, in spite of a tornado warning and a very high temperature on Sunday. Debbie Farber and I attended for our third year together. Here’s a breakdown of what we found to be some of the best bits: Continue reading Steampunk Worlds Fair: Bigger and Better Than Ever


“Fast Enough” to Time Travel: A Review of The Flash Season Finale

When I sat down to watch the first season finale of The Flash, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not someone who usually watches the promo trailers week-to-week, so I hadn’t seen any previews. In my mind, so much had been wrapped up last week simply with the capture of Harrison Wells. Isn’t that how it usually works? You capture the bad guy and then go out for drinks to celebrate? But Harrison Wells wasn’t just any bad guy, so The Flash had to do more with him, and thus you have the finale. My full thoughts (and spoilers) below!

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“Become an Optimist” : “Disney’s Tomorrowland” Movie Review

In  A Christmas Story, wide-eyed Ralphie receives the highly coveted Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring.  It is told to unveil highly important, classified information, that only those of the Annie Secret Society could discover. But when Ralphie finally uncovers the special message, one he had waited months to discover, all he gets is a disappointing advertisement, reminding all children to drink their Ovaltine.  If there ever was the perfect movie equivalent to this famous scene, Disney’s Tomorrowland would easily take that position.


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Holly Black Returns to Faerie: The Darkest Part of the Forest Review

Holly Black’s most recent work, The Darkest Part of the Forest, came out this past January. Little did I realize an ARC of this gem had been hiding on my bookshelf since last BEA, almost a full year ago. The cover is a little unassuming, mostly black and white with some dull green plants and one bright spot of color of a blue butterfly, which may be why I didn’t pick it up until now; but once I did pick it up, I couldn’t put it down. Continue reading Holly Black Returns to Faerie: The Darkest Part of the Forest Review


Theater Thursday: Dream Hedwig List

It is no secret that the team at DG loves Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We love this show so much, we even dream of other people in the famous rock star role. And now with the announcement of Taye Diggs taking over for Darren Criss in July, we thought it would be fitting to give a list for our dream Hedwigs. Some would definitely happen, while others are just big fandom dreams. But either way, it is fun to imagine, right? So grab your Goomi Bears and take a look at our list!

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Gotham Finale: 1 Step Forward for Females, 1 Step Back

When I first wrote about Gotham going into production, my hopes weren’t very high for the series. I actually had no real interest in even giving the pilot a shot – I mean, it’s on FOX which doesn’t have a great track record for shows that appeal to the geek audience, and haven’t we had enough of Batman yet?

Apparently not. But after grabbing on to the Gotham watcher-wagon with episode two, I’m glad to have been wrong. At first I was really only watching for Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, an antagonist original to the series. But as I continued I did begin to really enjoy this interpretation, and the show amped up its second half of the season for what looked like a really great finale.

It only hit the mark halfway.

Selina ‘Cat’ Kyle (Camren Bicondova) gets a new look and some new friends
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Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: Cute Stuff To Buy…. Again Edition


Hey readers! Guess what!? Japan is putting out more cool stuff! Surprised? Nah, you shouldn’t be. But in case you want to know what some of that cute stuff is, here is a guide to the items that’ll make your fandom wallet cry with such intensity, you might just have to give it a hug. So for this week’s Simulcast Corner, let’s take a look at those items and have our wallets tear up in unison.

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Why I’m Excited for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases next week, and it’s already been getting some stunning reviews: Gamespot gave it a 10/10 (a score only awarded to 8 games since the site’s inception), Eurogamer called it one of the best open worlds they’ve ever seen, and Game Informer labeled it the future of RPGs. The positive press is a good sign for a game that has promised a lot, including a world that is 35 times the size of The Witcher 2. There’s always the worry that the hype will never live up to the gameplay, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for The Witcher 3. 

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