The Art of Asking: A Lesson on Kindness

Before I review The Art of Asking, I have to talk about my personal experience getting the book. I moved to Massachusetts four years ago. I knew one other person who lived in the state when I made the decision to move. Four years later, I’m attending Amanda Palmer’s event at Boston Book Festival. As I walk down the line to get in, I see friends from college, friends from home in New Jersey, friends I met through New England’s nerdy online communities.

Terrible shot, but the only picture I have from my first Palmer and Gaiman event, a book release for Anthony Martignetti
Terrible shot, but the only picture I have from my first Palmer and Gaiman event, a book release for Anthony Martignetti

I realized something, then. I realized that I’ve created my own community filled with kind people, and most of that is thanks to my admiration of Amanda Palmer and her husband, Neil Gaiman. Over the four years I’ve lived on the South Shore, I’ve seen Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman twice. I’ve seen Neil Gaiman on his own once, and Amanda Palmer in concert several times. Every time I went, I asked friends from school to go with me, turning casual friends into best friends. At every single one of the events, I made new friends.

When the tickets for Amanda’s Boston Book Festival panel went up, she tweeted about it, and I saw it. I brought friends from New Jersey and friends from college. Once our spot in line was secured, I bounced between groups of friends, giving hugs, catching up.

That’s what The Art of Asking is about.

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This Week on TV: Nov 14 – 20

Welcome back TV Lovers! The first stand alone episode of Series 9 find the Doctor and Clara in a found footage story. Once Upon a Time had a lot of death and birth in their back-to-back episodes, while The Librarians investigate a college that inspired H.P. Lovecraft.  Jane the Virgin presents us with the show’s first major time jump (and handles it beautifully). FITZSIMMONS FINALLY KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME on Agents of SHIELD, though The Mindy Project signals the beginning of some real problems for Mindy and Danny. The Flash dealt with the emotional impact of Barry and Zoom’s fight, while also bringing back Gorilla Grodd. Arrow continued Diggle’s investigation of his brother’s past, and the team’s fight against H.I.V.E. Continue reading This Week on TV: Nov 14 – 20


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Review

So the fourth and final Hunger Games film was released and I’m pretty satisfied. They stayed true to the scenes in the book and overall it was an amazing movie. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want spoilers, stop reading here.   Continue reading The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Review


How A Movie Becomes Your Favorite

   phantom-of-paradise  Though I often focus on current film news and the like, I sometimes like to reflect on things a bit more personal. Sure, I do film lists and tributes all the time, but I don’t always get to talk about my true favorite subject: my favorite movies.

In a lot of ways, I am always of the mindset that like pets (particularly dogs), favorite movies can really describe a person. From their tastes, personal interests, and overall personality, film is a form of art that covers so many aspects of a person, and their all time favorite is the one that describes them the best. That is certainly the case with my choice. Though I have several favorite movies, there is one that has been my absolute number one flick for at least ten years or more. If you know this answer, then you are a lucky individual, but if you are one of the many that have no clue, it’s Brian del Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise.

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Sick of Gratuitous Sexual Violence in Fiction–A Review of The Incarnations

When I picked up a book at BEA set in Beijing, I was very excited. As some of our readers may know, I have moved to China for a year to teach English, and I previously studied abroad in Beijing. The Incarnations by Susan Barker tells the story of a Beijing taxi driver who finds himself haunted by his past lives, receiving mysterious letters from his ‘soulmate’ detailing their past incarnations together. Having sat in the back of many a Beijing taxi and wondered about the lives of the drivers, I thought it would be interesting to read this tale of a driver’s back story. What I was not prepared for was the sheer amount of brutal violence, cruelty, and misery contained within these pages. Continue reading Sick of Gratuitous Sexual Violence in Fiction–A Review of The Incarnations


New Year, New City, Same Favorite Secret Agent: Agent Carter Season 2 Promo Released

The promo trailer for Agent Carter Season two is out, along with a slew of other information, including some about plot and casting. We here at DG couldn’t be more excited! In the new season, Peggy will be heading out to Hollywood, where she will face new challenges, a new love interest, and continue to kick some major butt.

peggy carter hobby

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“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” Trailer Released

Okay, tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Two royal sisters are torn apart by a tragic misunderstanding. One has the power of snow and ice, and runs away to a remote location. There’s hearts broken, sisterhood, a guy who chops things, and trolls. Of course, I’m talking about Disney’s box office hit Fro…… sorry, I mean Universal’s 2016 release, The Huntsman: Winter’s War starring Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain. And if you were one of the very few who was curious to know what happened before AND after 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman, well we finally got our first look at this new addition to the franchise. Because that’s exciting…. right?


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Extra Life for Boston Children’s Hospital




This experience gave me the opportunity to try something new. Something I learned in the past year is that I like Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, etc. But that I am not wonderful at them. I had trouble adapting to them and figuring out what kinds of characters I liked to play. I also have to play with certain personalities.

I was nervous to play with five people who I was only acquainted with and I was afraid I’d be so bad that I’d break the game. Surprisingly during the days before hand instead of being the usual stress ball that I am, I spent my time fine tuning my character, my ideas for what I wanted to tell my party, introduce myself, and to better understand the mechanics. I  had such a great time spending all this time on my female elf monk who could summon animals and cross existential planes.

Even though the nerves were there I had made a goal of this year to be open to trying new things and turning them into hobbies, while trying to make friends and spend time doing something with people. This achieved in all corners of my goal. I had such a great time and walked away with a group of people who wanted to regularly meet to play.

I learned that I can be just as creative as a DM in resolving situations and puzzles and that’s exactly what these games are. If you have a good DM who can alter things on short notice and still get you to use your time, you have a good group to run through the adventures with and a DM worth keeping.


The other thing about all of this is that you have a chance to shape a character around who you could imagine yourself to be, use their skill sets to solve puzzles, and have plenty of laughs along the way. In this case, it was a whole new system that the group had made up themselves so it wasn’t a standard DnD game and had to be learned by the players. None the less it was fairly easy to get the hang of, even for the two newbs to RPGs–me and another party member.

I don’t want to get into the details of the story because we’re still going to be playing and I don’t know if I have the DM’s permission, but I am so glad I opened up to something new while supporting a charity.

The last thing I want to point out, is that like any marathon, this took a lot out of me but it left me with a good feeling of “I am ready to do a new hobby, and see how it goes!” I am notorious for not really filling my time with things and spending time with people. I play videogames and paint Warhammer 40k figures when I am in a good mood but most days I make excuses like that I got off work late to do anything. It’s a true test for me to play for 24 hours without really worrying about things or getting too tired to play. It’s even better that I’ve been refreshed to start paying more attention to my hobbies.

Extra life is a wonderful thing for anyone–new players of a game, veteran gamers, etc. and the best part is that you can pick any game, or switch it up as the time goes on.


If you’re interested in donating, I’ve attached my teammate Ryan’s link. You can go there to donate to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Extra Life 2015: Boston Children’s Hospital 


There will definitely be more later as I learn about this new part of my life and what I can do to make it a hobby. I am looking forward to spending more time with my teammates and planning Extra Life 2016.


Births and Dark Ones and Bears, Oh My!

Because the American Music Awards are next Sunday, ABC aired two episodes of Once Upon a Time back-to-back this week. While this does cut down the waiting time for us rabid fans, I know many felt this pairing was hit or miss. In “Birth,” Emma’s secret plan for Excalibur is finally revealed, with a dark twist that no one saw coming. In “The Bear King,” two OUaT alumni return and explain where in the worlds they’ve been. And King Arthur continues to be a jerk to everyone.


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Carry On : A Simon Snow Success

imageRainbow Rowell, famous for her realistic YA fiction, has blurred genre lines again, and the result is spectacular. With Landline, Rowell’s first novel for “grown ups,” realistic was merged with sci-fi. In Carry On, readers get straight up fantasy, but in a new, refreshing light.

Carry On is the story of Simon Snow, the Chosen One, who is prophesied to save magic. The Insidious Humdrum has been terrorizing the magical community for years, creating pockets of space where magic cannot exist. It is Simon’s eighth year at Watford School of Magicks, he is on the outs with his girlfriend, the Mage thinks he should leave, and his rival and roommate didn’t even bother to show up. Simon starts the year at a complete loss. Mysteries slowly arise that Simon needs to solve, but he needs the help of the one person he hates. The story is told not only through Simon’s eyes, but also through the eyes of his best friend, Penny, his girlfriend, Agatha, his mentor, the Mage, and even his arch nemesis, Baz.

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