Lions Gate’s Power Rangers Movie Releases First Image of New Suits

If anyone on this site is going to have an opinion on the 90’s pop culture sensation, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it is gonna be me. And with the release of new information on Lions Gate’s cinematic reboot of the show, I find myself at war. On the one hand, heck, I want new Power Rangers things all the time – but on the other hand, I’m in that stage of my adult life where I feel like an old lady, telling the kids to stop messing with my front lawn. And in case you couldn’t get, in this instance, Power Rangers is my precious, beautiful, grassy paradise.

So with all that said, how do I feel about the new suits that were just shown on Entertainment Weekly? I’ll just give a simple, one word response: Eh.

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Use Your HP Love for Good–Activism and Charity in the Harry Potter Fandom

So you love Harry Potter but now, years after the seventh book has come out, the Wizarding World is not as big a part of your life as it once was. (Though the impending Fantastic Beasts movie and Cursed Child musical certainly give you something new to chew on.) But what to do with all that energy that was once devoted to trying to figure out where all the horcruxes were, predict if Snape was good or bad, and pin hopes on who would survive the final battle? Why not take that energy and use it to give back, to do good, to use the power of Harry Potter to bring joy to more people across the world? Here are 6 suggestions of ways you can use your HP love for good by supporting Harry-Potter-related charities and activists: Continue reading Use Your HP Love for Good–Activism and Charity in the Harry Potter Fandom


Theater Thursday Special Report: Tony Nominations 2016 – The Good, The Bad, and the Hamilton

Hello readers! Theater Thursday (with a special report) has returned finally – and for good reason. That’s right, it is Tony Nominations Day! We can now take a look at what the American Theater Wing has declared the best of the best in this year’s theater community, and judging by the count, Hamilton is the clear favorite among both critics and fans alike. So who else made the cut and exactly how many awards is Lin and his team up for? Let’s take a look!


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This Week on TV – April 23-29

This week on TV…Regina and Zelena grow closer on Once Upon a Time through a ham-handed retcon, and Rumplestilstkin enlists an unlikely ally to protect his unborn child. In the last two weeks of The Flash, Barry took on Zoom…with not much success, and had to deal with the aftermath of that battle. This week on Arrow saw the team struggling with the loss of one of their own, and an imposter who starts impersonating her around the city. Read on for our full thoughts and recaps!

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Boldly Going: “All Good Things…”

The series finale of Star Trek: the Next Generation came after seven seasons of the show. In contrast, Star Trek was canceled after three seasons. The franchise was riding a popularity high in the spring of 1994. It was clear that while TNG was ending, the stories of exploration would continue with spin offs and more movies.

Imagine you’re on a date with a coworker you’ve known for seven years. You’re in the same department and have helped try to patch things up with his young son. You’re at the door to your apartment and about to kiss when your boss comes up to you and asks what date it is. Then he says he’s moving back and forth through time. If that seems like an out of left field opening for “All Good Things…” then it is. Captain Picard crashes Worf and Deanna’s date with his wild claim. Counselor Troi asks him about his experience in her quarters. As the captain begins to describe it, the viewers see it happen as Picard is suddenly an old man tending a vineyard.

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Little Girls in a Big World: My Anime List For Spring 2016

The titular character of Aggressive Retsuko working when she SHOULD be watching anime.

Seeing as the New England weather has finally begun to feel like spring, it’s high time for hanging out with friends, soaking up the sun, and studying for those darn finals.

Or, we could just stay in and watch anime.

While I was hardly impressed by last winter’s lineup – with the exception of ERASED, of course – the current season definitely has a few shows worth looking into. I have a strong preference for anime featuring strong female protagonists, so the following list of three may seem limited to the Magical Girl genre. This is an issue I’ve had with Japan’s latest releases since, well, the beginning of their rise in popularity in the U.S. But nonetheless, Aggressive Retsuko, Flying Witch, and the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal have plenty of action and comedy to offer.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get watching!

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Golden: a Review

Golden is the third book in the Heart of Dread series by  Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston. imageThe series originally seemed to be about a future where the earth has been devastated and is covered with ice. There are garbage islands floating in the ocean and no food. In the second book we learn that the environment has less to do with global warming and more to do with magic. Magic, with sorcerers and dragons, secret grey tower rooms that hold the key to bringing back or rediscovering other worlds. It’s a different way of looking at current issues, but it removes the substance from these books and sugar coats what is actually happening with our environment. Continue reading Golden: a Review


This Week on TV – Apr 16-22

This week on TV…. Meghan Ory returned as Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time. She confronts Zelena in the Underworld about the curse placed on Dorothy in Oz. Meanwhile, Supergirl‘s finale saw Kara facing off against her uncle, with the entire earth at risk.

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