Looking for a Halloween costume? Try these trios!

We’re heading into October, and that means that Halloween and opportunities to wear sweet costume creations are just around the corner! Some people plan what their chosen costume (or costumes!) will be way ahead of time, but others wait until the last minute. If you’re one of those individuals who is still wondering what it is you’re going to be, maybe this list of popular trios will offer some inspiration not just for you, but for your friends, too!

Terra (Meghan) is not having any shenanigans from Raven (yours truly) and Starfire (Editor-in-Chief Sarah).
Terra (Meghan) is not having any shenanigans from Raven (yours truly) and Starfire (Editor-in-Chief Sarah).

Schoolhouse Rock! asserts that Three is the Magic Number, and according to TV Tropes, that rings true for the world of popular visual arts, as well. Does this translate to real-life for you? Have two besties instead of just one? Then consider the following ‘Power Trios’, whether they are fictional or inspired by actual individuals, when you are looking for a Halloween costume:

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Top 5 YA No-Nos At A Glance

Young Adult novels. Young Adult novels everywhere.

Judging from the mediocre successes of Allegiant, The 5th Wave, and that of the more recent Nerve, Young Adult novels and their cinematic counterparts appear to be losing steam. Then again, it’s not entirely fair to compare said works to the likes of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and (SIGH) Twilight. After all, who can predict if a book – or a potential franchise – will end up being a hit?

Nonetheless, a valuable lesson can be learned from the root of these so-so movies.

I’d like to believe that audiences have not only caught onto the many tropes that plague the YA scene, but refuse to accept them any longer. On that note, here are my top picks for things that dissuade me from picking up a book based on its surface alone.

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A Peek at the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival

September 24th was a big day in the book world. At the same time some of my Daily Geekette colleagues were exploring Boston Teen Author Festival, I attended the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival in D.C. While there, I got to meet the new history-making Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden, just ten days after she was sworn in! I also met children’s author Shannon Hale (again) and attended some interesting panels, learning such things as Lois Lowry’s preferred brand of toothpaste and the difficulties of literary translation. Read on to hear about my experience! Continue reading A Peek at the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival


Bedtime for Batman: A Review

29058898Normally, Daily Geekette does not review children’s picture books.  Normally, children’s books are not this awesome and catered to our specific audience.  Bedtime for Batman is a picture book by Michael Dahl.  The book tells the story of a little boy going to bed on one page.  On the opposite page, it parallels the boy’s life to Batman’s life of crime fighting. Continue reading Bedtime for Batman: A Review


“Ghost in the Shell” Live Action Clips Debut Online

Filled with controversy since the moment it was announced, the Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures co-produced movie, Ghost in the Shell,  seems to be losing fans rather than gaining any. But with the release of the first ever footage from the March 2017 release – showing Scarlett Johansson as “The Major” in all her cyborg glory – these clips might cool your rage a bit rather than adding more fuel to the fandom fire.


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Vesture Vocab III: Lexical Decorations for your Costumes and Conversations

Are you in the market for something interesting to add to your costume or cosplay? Halloween is practically around the corner, after all. If you’re searching for a costume or design detail to put the finishing touches on an ensemble, or just plain looking for weird words to wow your Scrabble buddies, Vesture Vocab is here to help!


There are two previous installments (I and II), so if you don’t find what you want here, perhaps you could take a gander at the other articles for assistance!

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Karen Gillan and the “Jumanji” Problem

I could be here all day pointing out sexist depictions of females in film and continue to expound on the predominance of the male gaze in mainstream cinema. But I think I’ve just reached the point when it comes to stuff like this that I have to laugh because the other alternative is to cry. I have no idea what this new Jumanji reboot is going to be about, but today the powers that be released a picture with all the characters in costume. Kevin Hart looks like a boy scout, The Rock looks like The Rock but sweatier, Jack Black looks like he’s LARPing as an imperialist, and then there is Karen Gillan… Karen Gillan… Karen Gillan looking like the girl who was too cool for school in 2002, all that is missing is her tattoo choker necklace.


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“Always Deliver” – “Storks” Movie Review

September is known to be the dumping ground of the movie-going year. Though January’s selections are usually much worse, September has been known to offer some truly god-awful selections, especially when it comes to animated flicks for kids. So when going into see Warner Bros. Animation’s latest CGi adventure, Storks (directed/co-written by Nicholas Stoller), I was biting my nails waiting for it to leave me in a rage. Surprisingly what I got was something – shockingly – enjoyable.


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Three-Body Problem Review and Sci-Fi Reading Challenge Wrap Up

To round out my Sci-fi Summer reading list, I chose Hugo Award winner and Nebula nominee The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. With this choice, I branched out into the realms of hard science fiction and literature-in-translation (translated by Ken Liu). Three-Body Problem begins with the historical backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution and then fast-forwards to modern time where the leaders and militaries of the world are faced with a mysterious virtual reality game and an impending alien invasion.  How do those things go together? You’ll have to read it to find out! Continue reading Three-Body Problem Review and Sci-Fi Reading Challenge Wrap Up


Women can drive! Amazing!

Ladies! Ever gotten frustrated because you needed to go somewhere, but you couldn’t drive your man’s car because it was too masculine? Worried about getting bulky arms from carrying all of your shopping bags home from the store , because you can’t be seen in an unfeminine ride? Wish you could be recognized as a girl AND be able to drive around? Well do we have the product for you?

That’s right! Special thanks to BIC lady pens  and pink power tools  because now we have lady cars!

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