Brandon Sanderson’s The Reckoners Review–Superhero Fiction with a Twist

In the Reckoners series, those without powers are the heroes and those with powers are the villains. Ten years before the story is set, a cosmic phenomenon known as Calamity struck, gifting certain individuals with special powers, while others remained unchanged. But these powers inevitably corrupted, creating a class of tyrannical supervillains ruling over the ordinary masses. Only the Reckoners have the gall to fight back. Continue reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Reckoners Review–Superhero Fiction with a Twist


Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics


The comic book world can be incredibly overwhelming.  Comic book stores are geared toward longtime readers, putting the most recent issue in front, and then everything else in bins.  Sometimes the bins are separated into DC, Marvel, and indie.  Sometimes they’re straight up alphabetical.  If you decide you’re going to go for trade, meaning several issues bound into a book that hopefully conveys a full storyline, you then have to hope that your comic series does not interact with any other comics, because then you’ve got to buy the crossovers to get the full story.  THEN, pray your story doesn’t jump into a parallel universe that already existed and has rules that have been explained in another series.

I want to tell you about some of the issues I faced when starting to get into comics. Luckily, I worked at Borders at the time, and had some really awesome co-workers who helped me get on the right track.  Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up over my years of getting into comics: Continue reading Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics


CUT! Costume and the Cinema: A review.

It’s been a busy summer for this costume designer, between mounting shows and traveling to various museums for costume and fashion exhibits. While some shows have been hit-and-miss, I never regret seeing what new museums have to offer!


Most recently, my co-workers and I trekked up to Sandwich, Massachusetts to visit the beautiful Heritage Museums & Gardens to see the CUT! Costume and the Cinema show. It was pretty exquisite– keep reading to find-out more about the exhibition and the museum!

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“Don’t Blink” – “Kubo and the Two Strings” Movie Review

There is a current complaint in the world that Hollywood has lost its creativity. With IP’s, Princesses, and Superheroes alike ruling the box office, the original film – not based on anything aside from culture and storytelling itself – has been lost to the masses. But with the latest stop-motion animated adventure from LAIKA, titled Kubo and the Two Strings, that thirst for pure imagination has been quenched.


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Boldly Going: “Coda”

The USS Voyager is the only Federation ship in the Delta Quadrant and Captain Kathryn Janeway’s primary mission is to get her crew back home. Along the way they’ve explored new worlds. Unfortunately, most of the aliens they encounter are hostile. Still two years into their journey, the crew is in high spirits for the most part. They have begun to bond outside of work. More often than not, the crew gathers on the holodeck, a virtual reality room that can be programed to recreate any place real or imaginary.

In the beginning of “Coda,” Neelix and Janeway talk about how well talent night went the evening before. During a shuttle trip, Chakotay points out that Kathryn’s ballet act was the highlight. She goads him into signing up for the next one before detecting surprise turbulence. The two struggle to land the shuttlecraft and Janeway is severely injured in the crash. The Vidiians, a hostile race of organ harvesters from Season 1 and 2, surround Chakotay and Janeway. They shoot the commander and strangle the captain.

Commander Chakotay and Captain Janeway in their shuttle

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Tips For The First Day Of School (feat. Your Favorite Anime Characters of Summer ‘16)

No one knows how to rock the first day of school (or save the world) better than an anime protagonist can.

So what could possibly go wrong with taking the advice of a whole bunch of them?

1) Eat Breakfast 

A banana paired with a glass of milk will do.

An infant Bananya

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Who’s Who in the MCU: The Black Widow

When it comes to the Marvel films, most people have a good idea of who the characters are. However, as the MCU begins its next big phase, we as an audience are going to be introduced to a lot of new characters who are not going to get their own films to flesh them out. For viewers who have not read the comics, it can be confusing (and downright irritating when you meet those fans who have and are condescending about it). At the end of the day, you don’t have to read the comics to enjoy the films, or the Cinematic Universe as a whole. However, it can be helpful to know the comic origins of the characters who won’t be getting their own stand-alone films. Fortunately, I have read the comics and I have no qualms in helping my like-minded MCU fans fill in blanks and learn a little more about the characters they are seeing on the big screen.

This week, we’re taking a look at the under-appreciated, always amazing, and deadlier than her namesake….The Black Widow!

Natasha as she appeared in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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This Geek Girl’s Attempt to Get into Superhero Comics

As more and more blockbuster superhero movies come out, I find myself getting caught up in the spandex-fever, watching each one in theaters, following related news posts, and getting excited for works still a year or more away (I’m looking at you, awesome Wonder Woman trailer). Each time, I find myself thinking that I may enjoy the movie even more if I knew more about each character’s background, their past iterations, their relationships with other characters, and the choices Hollywood made about what to change or what to leave in. In that light, I’ve decided to enhance my appreciation (not to mention my geek cred) by going to the source: comics. Continue reading This Geek Girl’s Attempt to Get into Superhero Comics


American Murder Song to Tour This October

imageTerrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, who most recently collaborated on Devil’s Carnival: Alleluiah! are touring again! This time, they’re taking their newest project,  American Murder Song, on the road. Zdunich and Hendelman are calling this the American Wake Tour, and tickets are available here.

The big question: what on earth is Amercian Murder Song? It’s different from Repo: The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival in that it is not a film. There seems to be an emphasis on live performance, but visuals are still in use. DG’s Debbie Farber got a glimpse of American Murder Song this May. Here are her observations: Continue reading American Murder Song to Tour This October