Meet the Team

The Staff –

Editorial Staff:

Co-Editor-in-Chief – Sarah J. Wanger

Co-Editor-in-Chief – Dalin Rowell

Co-Editor-in-Chief – Kayla Farber

Co-Editor-in-Chief – Megan Gianniny

(For full bios, click this link)


Gaming Contributor – Jenn Carr

Film Contributor – Alexandra Carvario

Gaming Contributor – Elizabeth Chapin

TV Contributor – Meredith Durbin

Books Contributor – Deanna Leigh Farber

Costuming Contributor – Lex Gurst

Gaming Contributor – Jenn Kilgallon

Books/Anime Contributor – Kerry Lydon

Film Contributor – Brianna Murch

Books Contributor – Carly O’Connell

Copy Editor/General Contributor – Julia O’Connell

Assistant Copy Editor – Madison Parrotta

TV Contributor – Meg Roy

Copy Editor – Kim Sehn

Style Contributor – Melissa Sims

Doctor Who Contributor – Caitlin Walsh

(For full bios, click this link)

If you should wish to contact any of our staff, please feel free to comment on posts, as well as send us an email:

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