Join Us!

Are you a geek?  Are you a woman? Do you enjoy writing about geek stuff? THEN YOU’VE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE!

If you’re interested in joining the team, please email a short introduction letter, writing resume (if applicable) and a short writing sample to (past experience with a website/blog and/or wordpress is helpful although not required) Time commitment is one article either weekly or biweekly and to help out with current events articles.

For staff, we are currently looking for:

Anime Contributors

Art Contributors

Book Contributors

Comic Contributors

Gaming Contributors

Film Contributors
Style Contributors

Additional Geek-esque contributors


In addition, we are looking for stand-by contributors — people who have a bit more free time on their hands so as to be able to get out a current events article or two. This commitment would only have to be one day a week.


We look forward to hearing from you!

11 thoughts on “Join Us!

      1. Anyone is welcome to read our website — we do not discriminate!
        As for writers, at this point in time we are looking for female writers. Thanks so much for your interest, though!

      2. It’s all in the FAQ for WordPress, and you can use Google if you need other questions answered. Happy blogging!

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