This Week on TV: Oct 15-21

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This week on TV….Once Upon a Time covered the “Strange Case” of Jekyll and Hyde’s backstory, and introduced an incognito Princess Jasmine (Karen David) to Storybrooke. On Agents of SHIELD, Daisy enlists Jemma’s help in determining The Watchdogs’ next move. Meanwhile, Coulson and Mack’s investigation into Momentum Labs leads them directly to Eli Morrow, the jailed uncle of Robbie Reyes.

Once Upon a Time 6×04, “Strange Case”

A ray of sunshine in a rather dull episode (Karen David as Shirin/Jasmine with Snow White)
A ray of sunshine in a rather dull episode (Karen David as Shirin/Jasmine with Snow White)

This episode actually made me freak out a little bit. And no, it has nothing to do with Rumple’s haircut. Remember how bitter I was last week about how this season seems to be completely writing off Wonderland? Imagine my surprise when Dr. Lydgate appeared in the backstory of Jekyll and Hyde! THIS MEANS THAT JEKYLL, HYDE, AND ALICE ALL COME FROM THE SAME REALM THAT IS PERPETUALLY VICTORIAN ENGLAND. Yet it looks like we’re completely disregarding everything about Jafar and Wonderland. I sure do wish this show would make up its mind about what canon they choose to ignore.

Last seen as Alice’s would-be lobotomist in the pilot episode, Lydgate is the father of Jekyll’s friend Mary, and a respected member of the scientific community.  Jekyll seeks membership to pursue his experiment, a serum that will separate someone from their baser nature. Lydgate deems it too dangerous. Rumplestiltskin coaxes Jekyll to try his own serum, and the dubbed Mr. Hyde cleverly blackmails Dr. Lydgate and charms Mary. She ends up falling for Hyde, but couldn’t care less for meek Dr. Jekyll. When Jekyll discovers Mary slept with his “other” self, he kills her. Rumple is equally pissed to discover the experiment is “a failure” because Hyde experienced emotions.

In the present, Snow White goes back to teaching and is baffled as to why she’s no longer getting through to her students. Her new assistant, Shirin, suggests it’s because she’s not embracing her full identity. She mentions her own home kingdom fell to ruin because the princess failed to do the same. Coming as no surprise to the audience, she’s talking about herself, Princess Jasmine of Agrabah.

Meanwhile, Jekyll works on a new serum to kill his other self. He also tries to kill Belle to get back at Rumplestiltskin. When Jekyll ends up impaled on a harpoon aboard the Jolly Roger, Hyde dies simultaneously, the implication of which weighs heavily on Regina if she truly wants to be rid of the Evil Queen once and for all.

Agents of SHIELD 6×04, “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire”

"Did the two fire dudes just call into a warehouse of fireworks?"
“Did the two fire dudes just fall into a warehouse of fireworks?”

If you miss the Agent Coulson from the movies, well, he made a comeback in this episode. Now that SHIELD’s publicly back, Coulson’s rocking the suit and badge again, warming my little fangirl heart. Still, even his charm can’t get Eli Morrow to open up about what happened to the science team at Momentum Labs. After a thrilling car chase between the hell charger and Lola, Coulson enlists Robbie’s help at getting information from his uncle.

While Dr. Radcliffe lets AIDA monitor Melinda May’s recovery, Daisy contacts Jemma for medical help as well as tracking the next move of the Watchdogs. They’ve somehow managed to access government servers to get lists of Inhumans. The ladies get up to some bad girl shenanigans and realize that James AKA Hellfire from last season is the next target. But surprise – James is in fact working with the Watchdogs! He’s come to loathe all Inhumans after being Hive’s thrall, and regrets his own status as one. Robbie, Mack, and Coulson come to Jemma and Daisy’s aid just in time.

Robbie and Daisy reluctantly agree to help out SHIELD with the investigation into Momentum, the ghosts, and the supposed Darkhold book. As the rest of the team meets AIDA at Dr. Radcliffe’s, Jemma instantly recognizes the woman as an android, and understands why Fitz has been spending so much time there. In true Simmons fashion, she gushes over the scientific advancement, before remembering her next lie-detector exam is tomorrow. Between Daisy and AIDA, she’s got a few secrets to hide.

What did you watch this week? Nominate a show in the comments for an honorary mention!

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