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Doctor Who’s Breaking the TARDIS Mold: Series 11 Companions Cast

On Sunday the BBC announced via its Social Media channels that the Thirteenth Doctor has her companions for Series 11. For the first time since the series revival, three companions were announced simultaneously.

Yasmin (Mandip Gill), Graham (Bradley Walsh), The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Ryan (Tosin Cole).

There are still very few details known about Series 11, other than a new show-runner, Chris Chibnall and the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, who will make her first appearance in this year’s Christmas Special.

Mandip Gill graduated from university in 2009 with an acting degree. She’s a year or two younger than Jenna Coleman. She is best known for a three-year stint on the soap Hollyoaks, which she left in 2015. Interestingly, she’s guest starred on three separate medical dramas before being cast on Doctor Who. 

Bradley Walsh is a former footballer turned actor who had roles in soap Coronation Street and Law & Order: UK. He has also presented for ITV game shows. He is currently 57, which makes him one of the older actors cast for companion roles.

Tosin Cole also starred on Hollyoaks, from 2010 to 2012, meaning his time on the show overlapped with Mandip Gill’s. Before that he was on an internet spin-off of the soap EastEnders. He also had a small role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as an X-Wing pilot.

In the BBC announcement the network also revealed that Doctor Who Series 11 will be a 10-week run of 50-minute episodes premiering in the Fall of 2018. Whether that means the end of August or 10 weeks before Christmas is unknown, but at least we have a general idea of an air date. With such a diverse TARDIS it’s hard not to get excited for Series 11!

American Gods 1×02, “The Secret of Spoons” and 1×03, ”Head Full of Snow”

It’s a double-post for American Gods! Episode 2’s Coming to America story introduced Anansi in a manner that doesn’t just strike a chord for black America, it’s the start of a symphony. It was raw, powerful, and true. The rest of the episode moved rather slowly, while Episode 3 had a bit more plot advancement and brought us deeper into the backstage world of the Gods.

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’90s Kind of World: Living Single TV Reboot

Usually TV reboot news makes me cringe. Why mess with certain classics? But in the wake of Norman Lear reinventing One Day at a Time for a Latin-American family, I’m trying to be a bit more open-minded.

NOW I’M ECSTATIC, because Queen Latifah says there’s talks for a reboot/revival of Living Single.

For those of you going “Huh?” right now, I feel sorry. Let me educate you – Living Single was a series by Yvette Lee Bowser, focused on six friends living in New York City, navigating their love lives and professional lives. It was one of the most popular African-American sitcoms of the era, and ran for five successful seasons on FOX, of all places! With an all-black cast!

Living Single had sisterhood and dating journeys before Sex and the City, and had apartment roommate shenanigans before Friends. Hell, it WAS the template for Friends, as Latifah elaborated last night with Andy Cohen when she made the announcement

But more than anything, it had realness. And as one of the original cast members, I trust producer Queen Latifah to keep that realness for the new century.  Now as I go  ponder lyrics for the revival’s theme song, I’ll leave you to jam to the original. Better yet, seek out the series itself: TVOne, Logo, and Oxygen are the most likely to air reruns, though they’ve been sparse as of late. UPDATE: LivingSingle-TV has seasons two through five available to watch on dailymotion.

While we’re on the topic, let’s address the lack of DVD sets and streaming availability! Sign those petitions, people!

Fe Male: Riri Williams, the New Iron Man

Last week, our Comics Contributor Kat covered the first two issues of Marvel’s ongoing Civil War II arc. Although that particular story won’t wrap up until October of this year, Marvel Entertainment is already teasing viewers about what comes next. Today’s big announcement: Riri Williams will succeed Tony Stark as Iron Man.

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Diverse Discussions at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Before attending the Brooklyn Book Festival this summer, I had never attended a true book festival. The closest thing I could compare this to would be BEA/BookCon—the publishing industry event that I and several other Geekettes have been attending together for the past two years. Of course, there are differences between BookCon and BKBF. Most obviously (and sadly), while the books at BookCon are free, most of the books on display at BKBF must be purchased if you want to get them signed and take them home with you—although I did manage to score a free ARC of a book called Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler. Perhaps a more important difference, though, was in the content of the panels and choice of panelists.


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10 Reasons to Watch Leverage

Compared to other TV shows, Leverage is a really great gemstone obscured by all-too-mainstream  diamonds. There are plenty of TV dramas focused around crime with a team dynamic, but most of those are procedural crime-solvers. And very rare is it that you get a show where every member of the team is treated equally.

But Leverage, and all five of its lovely seasons, has just that, along with a slew of crime-committing. So what’s the story? Former insurance investigator Nathan Ford is asked to lead a group of expert criminals so they can steal back important documents for a powerful client. A one-time only event becomes not only the start of a team, but a family.


Let’s go steal some reasons to watch Leverage.

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We’re In the Game: ‘FIFA 16’ To Include Women’s National Teams

Alex Morgan in ‘FIFA 16’

Last summer, Ubisoft explained that they didn’t include any female avatars in Assassin’s Creed: Unity because “It was really a lot of extra production work.” More animations, more voices, more everything. Though Ubisoft backed down from the “challenge” of including women (at least temporarily – it looks like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will include a female assassin), EA has stepped up to the plate, or, rather, the pitch: FIFA 16 will include women’s national teams for the first time in the series’ history.

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“Jane” Gives Birth: a Season Review of the Best New Show On Television


Well. Things certainly came to a dramatic close on the (phenomenal) first season of Jane the Virgin! Some of the twists were sort of expected, while others were not. I’m kicking myself for not realizing that Xo plus Rogelio plus Vegas OBVIOUSLY equals drunken-wedding, and I’m still reeling from the final moments when Mateo is kidnapped by Sin Rostro. But aside from the twists and turns, that was just a damn good episode of television. I cried, I shrieked, and twice I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard. All of the emotional moments landed perfectly, most arcs came full circle, and I could not be more excited for season two. Read on for more of my thoughts about how a show about a pregnant virgin became one of the best shows on television this season.

The virgin mother with her newborn baby.
The virgin mother with her newborn baby.

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A Gathering For All: Magic: The Gathering’s Autistic Planeswalker

Narset, Transcendent

In January, an article was posted on the Magic: The Gathering website entitled, “The Truth of Names.” It was a story about a young leader named Alesha, and it was a great example, right off the bat, of Wizards of the Coast including cool, strong, interesting women in M:tG. But then, as I continued reading, I realized this wasn’t just a great story about a leading female character – it was a story about a transgender character:

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But Females are Strong as: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a review

After a series of straight hour-long hits (i.e. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), Netflix has finally come out with an original half-hour comedy. Critical and viewer reception has been much like that FOX’s comedy The Mindy Project, where critics are mixed but the vast majority of feminist female twenty-somethings find something in the show that truly speaks to them and represents their voice. While, in my opinion, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt soars in terms of warm-hearted friendships and dry, scathing, parodical wit, it falls flat as far as diversity and inclusivity are concerned.


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