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“Twice Upon a Time” is Peter Capaldi’s Excellent Send Off

Since the modern series of Doctor Who started in 2005, there has been a Christmas Special every year. The first special, “The Christmas Invasion” was the introduction of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.  This year’s “Twice Upon a Time” is Peter Capaldi’s last story as the Twelfth Doctor, as well as the final episode for show-runner Steven Moffat. When Doctor Who returns sometime next fall, Chris Chibnall will helm the show and Jodie Whittaker will be the Thirteenth Doctor.

In a time travel twist, the Twelfth Doctor who is refusing to regenerate after the events of series 10’s finale, finds he is not alone in the South Pole. The First Doctor, portrayed by David Bradley and also refusing to regenerate, stumbles upon the Twelfth Doctor. The First Doctor doesn’t believe he’s with the Twelfth incarnation. Mysteriously time stops. Even the snowflakes are frozen. Interrupting the Doctor fest is a World War I captain who has been pulled from his timeline and dumped in the south pole. A glass figure soon approaches, disturbing the captain. The First Doctor invites him into the TARDIS and is surprised to find the Twelfth Doctor’s console room.  Suddenly the TARDIS is rocked. There is a much larger ship above that has seized the capsule and begins lifting it into a grand chamber.

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor and David Bradley as the First Doctor


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Checking out Doctor Who: “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”

Series 8 premiered in August 2014, a year after Peter Capaldi was announced as the next Doctor. The main arc revolved around a mysterious woman who called herself Missy. She would greet people who recently died and welcome them to “paradise” or “the Nethersphere.” Throughout the series Doctor Who fans speculated about her identity. Some thought it was another incarnation of River Song, since she called the Doctor her boyfriend. Others thought she was the Rani, a villain who appeared during the Sixth and Seventh Doctors’ eras.

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This Week on TV: Sept 26 – Oct 2

We’re back for our second T.V. recap of Fall 2015. In Doctor Who, The Twelfth Doctor and Davros enter a dangerous game of oneupmanship on Skaro. We’re off to Camelot in Once Upon a Time, where mysterious prophecies concerning Emma and Excalibur will leave you with more questions than answers. Castle does the opposite, answering last week’s questions with an episode from Beckett’s side of the story. The Mindy Project thrusts its leading lady into the role of mom for the first time. Finally, INHUMANS is the name of the game in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Doctor Who Day!

I can’t believe Series 8 of Doctor Who is almost over! It’s flown by, like every other series I’ve watched live. I am glad this one wasn’t split like series 6 and 7 were. So far I’ve really enjoyed it, and love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Somehow he manages to be almost complete opposite from Matt Smith, yet he is still the Doctor.

Doctor who 1

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Episode Review: Doctor Who 8×01, “Deep Breath”

And so, after an unusually long wait (well over a year since the last regular episode aired and eight months since the last special), Doctor Who is back for its eighth season! This episode, titled “Deep Breath,” functions not only as a season premiere but also as an introduction to the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)! Clara (Jenna Coleman) returns as the Doctor’s companion, but this time, she’s also a fully fleshed-out character!

Warning! Spoilers beneath the cut!

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Culture Shock at Ireland Comic Con

This past weekend I attended my first non-U.S. comic book convention.  Though on the surface it looked just like any other comic con I’ve ever been to, there were a few things I found to be a bit strange. Continue reading Culture Shock at Ireland Comic Con

Doctor Who: A New Companion!

Many whovians are filled with sadness and excitement with the end of the 11th Doctor’s (Matt Smith) reign and the beginning of the 12th Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) Doctor Who. But, adding to the excitement of a new Doctor is the announcement of a new companion: Danny Pink.

Source: http://www.themarysue.com/doctor-who-danny-pink/

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Guest Contributor: Ushering the Doctor Who Capaldi Era in with Style

Each actor brings his own unique style choices to his work as The Doctor. For Matt Smith, it was, of course, the bow tie. For David Tennant, it was the converse (who knew they were called sandshoes?). For Peter Capaldi, the newest actor to take on the highly coveted roll, it looks like we’re getting a Capaldi-approved pop of color. When appearing on the Craig Ferguson show in 2011 to promote his then upcoming movie In the Loop, our newest doctor seemed stylishly, yet conservatively dressed in a black suit. However, as he sat down with long-time friend Ferguson, he flashed the audience the inside of his jacket – Bright. Hot. PINK.

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