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What Is This “New Adult” Genre and What Geeky Books Belong to It?

Perhaps your local bookstore has added a new shelf label or your favorite author has announced a new series under this mysterious category. In any case, you’ve found yourself wondering, what exactly does “new adult” mean, especially in terms of literature? New Adult is the next step up for those of us who love YA but have graduated into the next stage of our lives and want something that hits a little closer to home. Usually featuring protagonists aged 18–30, New Adult fiction engages with themes such as sexuality, developing independence, change, and embarking on a career. While Young Adult works are often set in high schools, New Adult is usually set in college or the early years beyond schooling. Continue reading What Is This “New Adult” Genre and What Geeky Books Belong to It?

Feminist Questions to Ask Yourself While Reading

If you’ve read some of my previous literary analysis posts, you know there is always that feminist voice in the back of my mind while I read, critiquing the novel’s treatment of women. While this may dampen my enjoyment of some works, it helps me to be a more engaged and aware member of society. So how do you train yourself to start analyzing the feminist merit of a book? It comes from asking a series of questions while you read. You can also adapt these questions to check for representation of other minority groups as well, such as LGBTQ, people of color, people with disabilities, etc. Continue reading Feminist Questions to Ask Yourself While Reading

Daily Geekette’s Favorite Activist Authors

Yesterday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day as well as the “Day without a Woman”  protest arranged by the organizers of the Women’s March. March as a whole is also Women’s History Month. In honor of these events, I thought I would share with you lovely readers some of my favorite female activist authors. Some were authors first, some activists first, but all deserve to be celebrated. Continue reading Daily Geekette’s Favorite Activist Authors

How to Start Your Own Geeky Book Club

Did you know that the reason I write for this blog is because of a book club? In high school I bonded with Co-Editor-in-Chief Kayla through a YA Sci-fi & Fantasy book club that she ran at the local Borders (R.I.P.). Book clubs are a great way to meet fellow book geeks and nerd out about your favorite genre. But what do you do if you can’t find the perfect book club in your area? Start your own, of course. I’ll tell you how. Continue reading How to Start Your Own Geeky Book Club

Feminist Literary Analysis: The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

The new epic fantasy on everybody’s lips is the Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss, not least because of its recent association with musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda will act as creative producer of Liongate’s new film, TV, and video game franchise based on the books. This fact and the recommendation of a dear friend was all the convincing I needed to start book one, The Name of the Wind. Yet while the writing is beautiful and the plot is enticing, I am disappointed to say this book had a distinctly un-feminist tone. Continue reading Feminist Literary Analysis: The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

Reads of the Resistance: What Books Inspired the Women’s Marchers

From Boston to New York to Washington, D.C., many of the Geekettes attended Women’s Marches last Saturday. And wherever we go, our love of reading goes with us! Books can be transformative, introducing readers to new ideas and perspectives. So that’s why we decided to ask the people we met at the march about feminist books that impacted their lives. Here are some of our results: Continue reading Reads of the Resistance: What Books Inspired the Women’s Marchers

Rejected Princesses: The Book, and Why You Need It

rejectedprincessesIf you are a feminist on the internet, there is a good chance you have already stumbled across Jason Porath’s websiteRejected Princesses, in which he pairs gorgeous illustrations with short descriptions including legends, history, and fun facts about women who don’t fit the classic princess archetype. One hundred of those entries have now been printed in physical book form, and it’s definitely worth getting, even if you have already seen the blog. Continue reading Rejected Princesses: The Book, and Why You Need It

Reading Resolutions: Bookish New Year’s Goals

It’s that time of the year again where we make all sorts of promises to better ourselves in the new year. If books are a huge part of your life, why not include them in your self-improvement regimen by making some reading goals for 2017? For your inspiration, here are my 2017 Reading Resolutions: Continue reading Reading Resolutions: Bookish New Year’s Goals

Books on My Holiday Wishlist

Happy December! ’Tis the month of gift-giving holidays, so if you are at a loss for what to ask for or what to get your YA-reading loved one, check out the recent releases on my list for inspiration. Continue reading Books on My Holiday Wishlist

Personal Reading Challenges: Nonfic November

Over the summer, I participated in a Sci-Fi reading challenge by Fortified by Books. In addition to motivating me to get around to reading some great sci-fi, it made me realize something liberating: you can invent your own reading challenges! For years, I have been participating in those year-long 50 category challenges, but sometimes they started to feel oppressive. That’s why I love these short-term challenges that increase my knowledge of a specific genre. So this fall, I challenged myself to break into a genre I rarely touch, by reading as much nonfiction in the month of November as I can. Here are some of the books I chose: Continue reading Personal Reading Challenges: Nonfic November