All Hallows Reads Recommendations

Several years ago, Neil Gaiman proposed a new tradition on his blog that involves giving your friends, neighbors, family, whoever, a scary book on Halloween in place of or in addition to your usual festive sweets. Now there is a whole website dedicated to spreading the word, cataloging lists of recommended scary reads, and more. So whether you decide to adopt Neil’s big idea or whether you’re just looking for a quick read yourself to get pumped for our favorite spooky holiday, check out my list below!

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Still Looking for a Halloween Costume? Theater Thursday is Here to Help!

My Lovett
My Lovett

Between Halloween, Purim (Jewish Halloween), conventions, and cosplay outings, I dress up a lot. I love turning to theater costumes because there are characters that everyone knows and loves, but no one ever thinks of. I have been Mark Cohen, Maureen Johnson, and Mimi Marquez from Rent, Mrs. Lovette from Sweeney Todd, Leaf Coneybear from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Belle from the staged version of Beauty and the Beast, Kira from Xanadu, and Eponine from Les Miserables. Most of then are very recognizable in the right crowd (although when I was Leaf Coneybear my senior year of high school, everyone just assumed I was a spelling bee contestant, which totally counts).

Here are my suggestions for easy and cheap theater Halloween costumes:

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Now THAT was the show everyone was expecting last September. As stellar as the second half of season one and all of season two have been, tonight’s episode was a slam-dunk, ace-in-the-hole blend of humor, drama, mystery, and ass-kicking that the show should have been from the very beginning. Let’s just hope that enough people tuned in to keep the show going for the dream five-season run. Spoilers below as we talk specifics!

Now you see…

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The Gal-lery: The Geekettes talk costumes!



In celebration of Halloween, this month’s Gal-lery is going to spotlight The Daily Geekette’s very own staff– I’m going to delve into their costume past and find out what sort of fancifully-garbed outlooks they have for future costumed endeavors!

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It’s Time To Be Scared: Halloween Netflix Suggestions

It’s almost Halloween, which is beyond exciting.  It means it’s time for costumes, ghosts, fnd_mc_annabelleghouls, and an excuse to be terrified.  It’s also the time of year when horror movies innundate theaters with a new wave of disappointing ways to waste a couple hours of your life and a bunch of money; Annabelle and Ouija, I’m talking about you.  As a general rule, most horror movies currently rely on the same bag of cheap tricks, mostly a lot of cringe worthy gore and jump scares, bad acting, and convoluted storylines.  There are a few decent exceptions that make for great Halloween viewing, and, fortunately for us all, you need look no further than your Netflix account.  Here are 5 of the most interesting scary movies that you might have missed, in no particular order.

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Marvel Announces MCU Phase Three Films – It’s Diverse And Stuff


Incase you hadn’t already gotten the news flash on your feed, there is a big cinematic war on the horizon for Marvel and DC, and today Marvel just might have really set the stage for the box office blood bath, starting in 2016. Below is a quick (and will probably be updated) recap of said films in the slate for the MCU Phase Three (and Four and Five it seems), and I bet you’ll notice some sort of theme:

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Even God Thought the Devil Was Beautiful: Sleepy Hollow 2×06, “And the Abyss Gazes Back”

After a chance run-in with the son of the late Sheriff August Corbin, Abbie and Ichabod investigate an unusual wolf-like attack that leaves him as the sole survivor. Their research brings them to the mythical creature known as the “Wendigo”, a werewolf-esque being from Native American legend. Trying to unravel the connection between Jeff Corbin and the Wendigo requires Team Ichabbie to enlist Nick Hawley’s help once more – but can they solve the puzzle before Jeff is lost forever?


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The Daily Geekette National Cat Appreciation Day Post

On Monday, I reminded my fellow Geekettes that National Cat Appreciation Day was coming up and asked if we wanted to post something. Within half an hour, there were 42 comments, all about cats and cat merch and cat-like characters.

Basically, we, as part of the internet, really love cats. If you ask very nicely, we will show you pictures of our own cats. And tell you their birthdays. And what their favorite toys are.


However, you didn’t ask. So here are our favorite famous cats. (In all seriousness though, my cats are definitely the most beautiful, well-behaved cats ever.)

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Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: Spooky Edition


In a few short days, my favorite holiday arrives! The day of ghosts and other spooky spooks is approaching, and as such it feels only appropriate to watch some equally haunting tales from the anime world. Whether they be a full on series, or just an episode, there’s always some ghoulish delight occurring within your favorite series. Let’s take a look at a few of my personal picks from yours truly! Continue reading


OUAT — A Costuming Rant

I must admit, I have not been brought up to date on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. I was actually planning on starting to watch it again…until I saw this:

Stars Film 'Once Upon A Time' In VancouverThere are two things that bothers me about this. The first is the slightly obvious one: why Frozen characters? When my mom first saw this, her reaction was, “There are so many other fairy tale characters to choose…why Elsa?” On the one hand, I can understand: Frozen brought in buckets of money for Disney, and this is just another way to capitalize on the matter: it brings younger and new audiences to OUAT as well as keeps audiences interested with familiar faces.

Here’s my big issue with her, though: her costume.

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