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A Rabbit Hole of Wonderland Inspired Clothing? I’m In!

New collections are always a thing to celebrate. The day Hot Topic sends the pre-order email, I squee with joy and browse the options. This time, however, Torrid (Hot Topic’s sister store) released an email at the same day and time. Both stores are releasing a clothing line inspired by the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. Cue my fangirling.

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All laced up.

Love it, hate it, or maintain your indifference toward it: Valentine’s Day is one of the top money-making holidays in the United States. Statistically, ‘romantic’ dinners outrank what people have, the past several years, primarily spent their money on for Valentine’s Day, followed by candy, trips, flowers, jewelry, and, finally, clothing/lingerie.

Keep in mind the term lingerie may include a number of items; historically, it could refer simply to a woman’s night gown, or it could refer to undergarments, in general.  In the vein of undergarments, and in the historical realm, one article of clothing that might come to mind is the corset.


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