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Fashion and Costume exhibits for every Clotheshorse IV.

Are you looking to expand your mind and visual costume vocabulary? Why not take a look at some of these amazing museum exhibits that 2017 has to offer!

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The Gal-lery: Elizabeth Keckley.

With awards season upon us, the question on the tip of many red carpet hosts’ tongues is ‘Who are you wearing?’ Nowadays, thanks to an omnipresent media coverage and the breakneck speed at which information travels, we’re privy to the designers of the famous and rich members of the world, from Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, to the starlets of the red carpet brigade and beyond.

Of course, over the years, well-known designers and dressmakers have been trying to make their brands as ubiquitous as possible, but, long before even the technology of radio was available to the masses, individual dressmakers made their livings, frequently in their immediate locale, and in the process becoming lost in or simply overlooked throughout the course of history. Thus, in the hopes of shedding some light on these artisans, for this week’s Gal-lery, I present to you Elizabeth Keckley (although it is sometimes alternately Keckly), personal seamstress to a First Lady with whom many are familiar.

Elizabeth Keckly.
Elizabeth Keckley.

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The Gal-lery: Mary Quant.

Welcome to The Gal-lery, where, once a month, I’ll spotlight women from the expansive and far-reaching fields of art and design. This month’s focus: Mary Quant.

Mary Quant!
Mary Quant!

In the mid-1960s, there was a dramatic turn of events in the fashion world. Up until then, the popular mode of dress tended to be set by the affluent, and a number of young designers decided to turn the establishment on its ear. One of the front-runners in this fashion revolution was British designer Mary Quant.

The ubiquitous model of the 60s, Twiggy, is decked-out in a Quant design.
The ubiquitous model of the 60s, Twiggy, is decked-out in a Quant design.

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