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Books on My Holiday Wishlist

Happy December! ’Tis the month of gift-giving holidays, so if you are at a loss for what to ask for or what to get your YA-reading loved one, check out the recent releases on my list for inspiration. Continue reading Books on My Holiday Wishlist

A Future Film Wish List

I’ve always been a bookworm; actually, what I’ve always loved is stories in general, sobooks-movies loving books and loving movies sort of go hand in hand.  I used to cry inside though when one of my favorite books became  a movie because, well, usually a movie based on a book sucked enormously.  I remember being a huge Anne Rice fan in high school and seriously wondering if anyone involved with making The Queen of the Damned even knew it was supposed to be based on a book, since they obviously hadn’t read it.  Lately though, book-based movies (even television shows based on books) have come a long way, actually to the point where I look forward to favorite books getting a film translation.  Given that I’m going through a sort of cinematic dry spell, I’ve come up with a list of my top 5 books I’d love to see made into movies, you know, maybe after 37 Jump Street and Transformers 112 hit theaters 15 summers from now. Continue reading A Future Film Wish List