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Melissa’s Thoughts on “Suicide Squad” (2016)

I want to start this off by saying THIS IS A BIASED OPINION OF THE FILM SUICIDE SQUAD. The comments you are about to read may not reflect those of my Geekettes. With that out of the way: STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO SEE SUICIDE SQUAD NOW!

**Mild Spoilers Ahead**

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Margot Robbie To Produce All Female DC Movie

Harley Quinn fans rejoice! According to the Hollywood Reporter, our girl will be headlining a spin-off adventure. This project will not be a solo-film, however. Sources are saying this film will be a female centric cast of DC’s superheros and villains. Potential plots and other characters involved are being kept very hush-hush. The only other names and plots being thrown around with the project are Batgirl and the Birds of Prey plotline.


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Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros

Remember that dragon post I wrote a while back that was inspired by a really cool book I picked up from NetGalley? The book, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, came out this past May and the movie rights have already been squabbled over by a few film studios with Warner Bros coming out on top. When the film rights have been purchased before the book was even out a full month, you know it’s good. Just remember: we’ve been obsessing over it since March. Continue reading Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros

“Batman Vs. Superman” finally gets a real, very obvious, full title.

As you all probably know, there is a Man of Steel sequel in the works, one that is shaping up more to be a Justice League prequel more than an actual Superman movie. With the countless announcements of actors cast as League members, and various other news of the past months, it’s pretty clear that this is Warner Bros. way at attempting to get a bite on Marvel’s Avengers success.

Now, via Twitter, Warner Bros. announced the official full title for Batman vs. Superman, and it leaves 100% little to the imagination as to it’s purpose and plot in the DC cinematic universe.



Yep, that’s right, this movie’s full title is Dawn of Justice. Please excuse me as I continue to yawn at the news of this movie, and it’s “jaw dropping” attempts at being interesting with it’s title. In fact, I’d like to offer some other potential title suggestions:


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