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25 Geekette Book Recommendations

Today is my twenty fifth birthday! This means I get to be a little selfish. As a teacher and a former bookseller, there are books I have always wanted to shove at everyone I meet, whether they like it or not. Obviously they are great books, but they aren’t popular, so people don’t want to pick them up.

Here are the 25 books I wish all Geekettes would read:

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Dragons and Women: A Winning Combination

imageDragons have become very popular recently. With George R. R. Martin and Peter Jackson giving dragons new life on the screen (though technically both The Hobbit and Game of Thrones have been around for years) it’s not uncommon to find gifs of dragons, sketches of dragons, and even cakes with dragons on them on the internet. Originally, dragons were the enemy. Now…? Dragons are often still the enemy, but more and more they’re becoming the friend, the allies in battle. Perspective on these gold-obsessed creatures is changing in a fascinating way.

There are several dragon books I’m particularly fond of because of their portrayal of women. I love seeing the relationships between humans and dragons in different worlds, or maybe just how a world of dragons would work.

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