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Double Book Review: The Radius of Us and Dreadnought

It feels like in our current political environment, the need for diverse books and stories about people in different places with different identities — both real and fictional — is only growing. The Radius of Us is the second novel by Marie Marquardt dealing with the Latinx immigrant community around Atlanta, GA. Dreadnought: Nemesis-Book One is the debut novel of trans author April Daniels, and is set in a version of our world where superheroes are real, and the new hero to inherit the Dreadnought mantle just happens to be a 15-year-old trans girl who is yet to come out to her parents.

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Bye Bye, Binary: Custom Gender in “Sims 4” Update

Since its original release sixteen years ago, The Sims has been a fairly progressive franchise. But now, in its Sims 4 iteration, the game may be surpassing the real world.


In a free update released yesterday, the Sims 4 now allows for customization of gender. Even though Sims 3 provided a huge improvement in customizable body type, players were still limited to Male and Female for gender. This dictated the types of clothing the character could wear, their ability to produce children biologically, and, obviously, the pronouns that referred to them. That limit continued into Sims 4 – BUT NO LONGER!

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Diverse Discussions at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Before attending the Brooklyn Book Festival this summer, I had never attended a true book festival. The closest thing I could compare this to would be BEA/BookCon—the publishing industry event that I and several other Geekettes have been attending together for the past two years. Of course, there are differences between BookCon and BKBF. Most obviously (and sadly), while the books at BookCon are free, most of the books on display at BKBF must be purchased if you want to get them signed and take them home with you—although I did manage to score a free ARC of a book called Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler. Perhaps a more important difference, though, was in the content of the panels and choice of panelists.


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Sense8: A Conversation

If you’ve spent lots of time on Netflix in the last month, chances are you may have seen a mention of Sense8, one of the newest original series on everyone’s favorite  streaming service. Sense8 is a collaboration between the Wachowski siblings (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), and tells the story of eight strangers who are reborn into a “cluster” of sensates. The sensates can see each other and share feelings and skills with each other from wherever they are. Aided by another sensate, Jonas, they begin to tap into their newfound skills, while trying to avoid being captured by another mysterious sensate called Whispers, who works for some evil corporation. Rather than writing a review, Editors-in-Chief Sarah and Megan had a conversation about their thoughts on the show (including some spoilers!).


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