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Quick-Reads to Help You Procrastinate on Finals

Although no longer currently in college myself, I still remember well the frenzied week(s) as I would rush to study for exams and write final papers and reflections for my classes, often while trying to also grab final moments with friends who were graduating or going abroad. The even bigger challenge, of course, was wishing I had time to do all of the things I normally loved doing: reading, writing, and watching tv/movies. In honor of that tension felt by many college students dealing with finals now or in the coming week, I have compiled a list of books that I consider “quick-reads” that could be used as ways to procrastinate during finals. Most range from 100-200 pages, and are either things that I first read in a single day, or could be broken up into nice chunks in between studying. Happy procrastinating!

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Good movies, great costumes!

Costuming is a silent, visual and psychological force when you’re watching something, be it in a movie, a  television show or on stage at a theatre. Along with the other technical aspects of a production, costuming is a necessary, integral part of a person’s viewing experience, as it helps do things like set the time period, location and mood of whatever it is you’re watching. Costumes can also give the viewer clues as to who the characters are, what their occupations may be, and can even influence how we feel toward certain characters, depending upon color, fabric and garment choices.

Below are some of my favorite films not only because I love the stories themselves, but because I also really admire the work that went into their costume design!

Random costume sketches.
Random costume sketches.

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Michael Keaton In Talks for Beetlejuice 2

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4863776/tim-burton-and-michael-keaton-reportedly-in-discussions-for-beetlejuice-2
Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4863776/tim-burton-and-michael-keaton-reportedly-in-discussions-for-beetlejuice-2

Rumors of a Beetlejuice sequel have been toying with my heart for years now, but a recent interview with Michael Keaton may give fans some real hope. Keaton has apparently been in contact with none other than Tim Burton about reprising his role as everyone’s favorite debaucherous bio-exorcist.  He stated that “if [Tim Burton]’s in, it’s going to be hard not to be in.”

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