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Hey, What A Way To Spend A Day: A Tick, Tick… BOOM Review

I have a Renthead bucket list. I was fourteen the first time I heard Rent, and it (stereotypically) changed my life.  Not only did I adopt the “No Day But Today” philosophy of life, but I started being an activist, eventually volunteering for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. I still do when I’m in the area and there’s something going on.

imageI was always attached to Jonathan Larson specifically. I was heartbroken by his story. He was a struggling playwright, and Rent was his big break. He died the night before it opened. This man had such a huge impact on not just my life, but so many lives, and the entire idea of what a musical could look like.

The 2001 cast of Tick, Tick... BOOM
The 2001 cast of Tick, Tick… BOOM

His show, Tick, Tick… BOOM, was written several years before he had even considered Rent. The show is an autobiographical tale of turning thirty and the fears that go along with it. It shows Jonathan Larson’s fear of never achieving greatness. The soundtrack, from the 2001 Off-Broadway production featuring Raul Esparza, breaks my heart every time I listen to it. One thing I thought I’d never get to cross off my bucket list though, was actually seeing a production.  Well, it happened. And it was spectacular.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Karen Olivo star in “tick, tick…BOOM!” for Encores!


Here at The Daily Geekette, many of us are theater/Broadway nerds, and thus we like to report on the awesomeness happening currently on The Great White Way. One of those recent announcements included one of my personal favorite people being cast in New York City Center’s Encores! Off-Center‘s newest addition to it’s season line up. The person in question? Lin-Manuel Miranda (and Karen Olivo.) The show? Jonathan Larson’s tick, tick…BOOM! 

Lin-Manuel is an incredible talent, who has the ability to mix musical genres with effortless ability, making them seem to fit in perfect harmony. He proved this in his masterpiece, In The Heights, which also showcased his quirky yet wonderful acting chops. He’s meant to be in unique musical theater material, and if you know the late Jonathan Larson’s work (Spoiler Alert: he was the guy that wrote Rent), then you know what you’re in for.

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