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Hairspray Live! Review

Hairspray Live. Where to start? This may have been NBC’s best live show yet, but that isn’t saying very much. Taking a hint from Fox’s Grease, they transitioned this live production into a multi-set, live audience production. While I very much enjoyed this production there were some obvious setbacks.2016-1024-hairspraylive-aboutimage-1920x1080-ko

The first thing that has to be noted is the cultural relevance. If there was ever a time that Hairspray needed to be done it was now. The positive messages about peaceful protesting in the face of hatred, bullying and racism, are exactly what we need. Art mimics life and that is exactly what happened tonight. Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “I Know Where I’ve Been” was incredibly powerful and moving.

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Supernatural Caring

Celebrities donating to or starting their own charities is nothing new, but it is really cool to hear about it. I tend to back these people when they do something genuine like this. My latest on the list? Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki.

One year ago, Jared Padalecki started the Always Keep Fighting campaign to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Profits went to To Write Love On Her Arms, Wounded Warrior, and A.I.R-Attitudes In Reverse-Student Suicide Prevention-Mental Health. Padalecki has been very open with his own struggles with mental health, and launched this campaign to help others. tumblr_o10ncxxKKB1sum7b2o1_1280

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This Week on TV: Jan 23-29

Welcome back, TV lovers! Supergirl takes on Hank’s origin story, The Flash once more encountered the Reverse-Flash, and the Arrow crew teamed up with A.R.G.U.S. while Felicity tried to adjust to life in a wheelchair. Outside of the DCU, The Magicians adjust to life with new ways to learn and manipulate. Read our full thoughts below!

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“Fast Enough” to Time Travel: A Review of The Flash Season Finale

When I sat down to watch the first season finale of The Flash, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not someone who usually watches the promo trailers week-to-week, so I hadn’t seen any previews. In my mind, so much had been wrapped up last week simply with the capture of Harrison Wells. Isn’t that how it usually works? You capture the bad guy and then go out for drinks to celebrate? But Harrison Wells wasn’t just any bad guy, so The Flash had to do more with him, and thus you have the finale. My full thoughts (and spoilers) below!

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4/28/14 Weekly Recap: Blood and Trubel

Three episodes remain for Arrow and Grimm, my friends, and four for Supernatural, so we’re getting into final days building up to season finales. Although some of those finales probably hit right around my graduation, I am going to do my best to do individual recaps for each show’s season finale, to give you my final thoughts on each season, and what might be coming up for them. But until then, these weekly recaps will keep on coming, so keep on reading!

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4/21/14 Weekly Recap: Metatron and Mirakuru

This week Supernatural and Arrow came back, while Grimm took a short break. I wasn’t super impressed with Supernatural (if you couldn’t tell, this is my general feeling about this whole season), although I do appreciate the way they have now made it possible for Castiel to get pop culture references. Arrow on the other hand felt really solid last week – I thought they did a very good job of juggling the various storylines running through the episode, and I’m excited for whatever is coming next. Without further ado – my (necessarily spoiler-filled) recaps are below!

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Weekly Recap 4/14/14: All Hail the Hexenbaby

Fun fact: the internet lies. Despite my statements last week, apparently there was an episode of Grimm on Friday – but there won’t be next week. I’m not going to bother repeating my rant about how confusing it is to follow shows these days, but needless to say, I’m going to give up on trying to plan ahead each week, and just wait and see if new episodes magically appear. So you will hear again from me next week, probably with some recaps of something, but for now, here is my recap of last week’s Grimm! Beware – spoilers and snark abound below the break, and I’ve left it extra long since there’s only the one recap!

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Zombies are Forever



Most people spent this past weekend thinking about hearts, flowers and chocolates, but not me.  I was thinking about something else entirely, something a lot more important; of course I mean zombies and a new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Who says zombies aren’t romantic anyway? Films like Warm Bodies are looking to replace romantic comedies with zombie flicks on date night.   After all, if vampires are sexy why not zombies?  They’re both sort of cut from the same cloth after all. Continue reading Zombies are Forever