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It’s only been two days since the season 3 finale, and I haven’t even had a chance to write my review of the season as a whole. THAT’S how much a hit TNT has with The Librarians, which is officially renewed for a fourth season!

Credit: TNT
Credit: TNT

Sunday’s finale felt a tad rushed, given the slow build-up from the rest of the season. But I’m looking forward to seeing this series continue.  I want to know what the prophecy of “Eve Baird will change the fate of the Library forever” really entails.  Keep an eye out for my review of season three, coming soon!

What do you want out of Librarians season four?

Fashion, Costume and Historical Garb: Museum Exhibits for Every Clotheshorse III!

Museums are magical places of discovery, so I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting exhibits, especially when they pertain to costumes and fashion.

cas val

I’ve come across some really great garment and design-based shows across the country in past clotheshorse articles. If you feel the same passion for fashion, take a gander at these current and upcoming shows!

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Fatherhood and Fandom

Fandom tends to be seen as an inherently male interest.  We have so many cultural stereotypes enhancing this belief.  From The Big Bang Theory to “the fake gamer girl,” nerdiness always seems to start as something male, and then move towards women.  For a while, this was pretty accurate.  In 2010, only 35% of New York Comic Con attendees were women.  However, as time goes on, these men get married.  They have kids, and they pass on their nerdy genes.

With that in mind, I asked my fellow writers if they had inherited any of their geekiness from their fathers, or for any good stories about how their fathers inspired them towards the nerd community.  Here are the responses I got:

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Screw the Zombies, Assassins, and Ship Wars: Fight for Galavant and Agent Carter

It’s May, which means Official Cancellation Season. Among the latest of several network cullings are ABC’s Galavant and Agent Carter.  Despite positive fan reception, both shows suffered low ratings in their second seasons.  They were also pet projects of Paul Lee, the network’s Entertainment President who was ousted in February and replaced by Channing Dungey.

So while the chopping block wasn’t unexpected, that didn’t make it hurt any less when ABC swung the axe.

galavant shake head no

But this is 2016, so there may be life after network death.  Here’s what YOU can do to save these beloved shows.  #MoreGalavant #SaveAgentCarter Continue reading Screw the Zombies, Assassins, and Ship Wars: Fight for Galavant and Agent Carter

Bisexuality Exists: Why I’m in Love with General Hospital

Primetime television needs to officially up its game. Last week General Hospital achieved something that none of my other TV shows have done: acknowledged bisexuality.  Regardless what you may think of the genre,  this is a pretty big deal.


It sounds so simple, and yet…. Well, look at the evidence. Prior to this, I could only name one show where a character flat out identified as bisexual, and it wasn’t in a positive manner.

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Fuller House Reaction




When it was announced that Fuller House was coming to Netflix, I was so incredibly excited. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and remakes and spinoffs appeal to my more nostalgic soul. Though when I was preparing myself for blasts from the past and throwbacks, I never could have prepared myself for what the show actually was.

Max tshirt

From catch phrases to remaking old scenes, this show is not for new fans. It is to please the already existing, extremely large, and supporting fan base. By the end of the season you might even be saying, “Oh mylanta!”  Continue reading Fuller House Reaction

I FRACKING LOVE COLORING: A Geek Guide to Grown Up Coloring Books

IMG_9441-0With coloring books saturating bookstore shelves, and articles popping up about their calming nature, coloring is clearly gaining in popularity. Hey grown ups! It’s cool to color now! That’s super cool for everyone, whether you believe in the psychology of not, but it’s ESPECIALLY cool for the geeks.

From Disney to Game of Thrones, specific fandom coloring books have been popping up everywhere! These one-time use books range from affordable to fairly expensive. Here are some reviews of the nerdier adult coloring books available:

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Sneak a Peek at The Magicians

In 2009, Lev Grossman had this genius idea to satirize fantasy. In his novel, The Magicians, Grossman introduces readers to Quentin Clearwater. He is accepted into Brakebills, an institution for higher education–in magic. However, this is like no other “chosen one” story. It is incredibly dark, psychological, and really expects a lot from its readers. The novel inspired two further books, turning The Magicians into a trilogy.

imageTonight, Syfy posted the first episode of their Magicians TV series on The Magicians Facebook page. It is stunning. This pilot introduces readers to the main characters and the rules of this magical world. What I loved was that instead of telling, there’s quite a bit of showing. For instance, in the background while Quentin is getting a tour of the school, most of the magicians are using their fingers to create magic. It tells the viewer that this, and not wands, is how we’ll see magic in this world.  Continue reading Sneak a Peek at The Magicians

A Super Premiere for Supergirl

imageUnlike, I believe, most of the Internet, I did not watch the pilot of Supergirl when it leaked. I waited until last night, and apparently, I wasn’t alone. According to Variety.com, almost 13 million people tuned in last night. The pilot featured Supergirl, or Kara Danvers, played by Melissa Benoist, being sent to Earth to protect Superman, and getting there to find he’s already a hero. Feeling that neither Kent nor humanity needs her protection, she decides to blend in. That is, until her adopted sister is put in danger. It’s up to Kara to become a hero, and take on threats directed at her and her city.

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