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This Week on TV – Apr 16-22

This week on TV…. Meghan Ory returned as Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time. She confronts Zelena in the Underworld about the curse placed on Dorothy in Oz. Meanwhile, Supergirl‘s finale saw Kara facing off against her uncle, with the entire earth at risk.

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This Week on TV: April 9-15

This week on TV… Once Upon a Time gave us backstory with a recast Gaston, Lessons in Creepery with Hades, and Literally Hiding From Your Problems with Emma. Arrow and Flash took the week off. Meanwhile, the titular character of Supergirl is in dire need of allies when Non’s endgame is revealed.

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This Week on TV – March 26 – April 1

Welcome back, TV lovers! This week, Killian reunited with his deceased brother Liam on Once Upon a Time. But the elder Jones has a dark secret that threatens the team’s plan to defeat Hades. Barry Allen took another trip through time on The Flash, and universes on Supergirl. Meanwhile, Arrow saw an attack on Palmer Tech.

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Weekly TV Post: Jan 30 – Feb 5

Hello, TV lovers! This week on The Magicians, Alice is on a mission to find out what happened to her brother. Supergirl faces off against Bizarro Supergirl, and in turn, Maxwell Lord. The Flash dealt with a villain named Tar Pit and a betrayal in the team. Arrow was full of reunions and newfound confidence. Our full thoughts are below!

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This Week on TV: Jan 23-29

Welcome back, TV lovers! Supergirl takes on Hank’s origin story, The Flash once more encountered the Reverse-Flash, and the Arrow crew teamed up with A.R.G.U.S. while Felicity tried to adjust to life in a wheelchair. Outside of the DCU, The Magicians adjust to life with new ways to learn and manipulate. Read our full thoughts below!

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A Super Premiere for Supergirl

imageUnlike, I believe, most of the Internet, I did not watch the pilot of Supergirl when it leaked. I waited until last night, and apparently, I wasn’t alone. According to Variety.com, almost 13 million people tuned in last night. The pilot featured Supergirl, or Kara Danvers, played by Melissa Benoist, being sent to Earth to protect Superman, and getting there to find he’s already a hero. Feeling that neither Kent nor humanity needs her protection, she decides to blend in. That is, until her adopted sister is put in danger. It’s up to Kara to become a hero, and take on threats directed at her and her city.

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New Fall 2015 TV Shows To Check Out

Now that September has rolled around, it’s hard for me to not start thinking about all the new shows I want to watch. Sure, I get excited about returning shows too, but it’s the potential of finding a new favorite that really makes me love the season (well, that and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite part of fall). Without further ado, I present to you my list of new shows I am excited for in fall 2015!

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TV to Take Flight with Supergirl

The internet’s been buzzing like giddy bees over  Supergirl rumors. Daily Geekette is pleased to report that there is, in fact, a Supergirl series in the works at Warner Bros TV! Click here for some appropriate theme music while we dole out the deets.

In 1959, writer Otto Binder created Supergirl while Al Plastino designed her. Although many have taken up the mantle of Supergirl since then, the most well-known is Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman/Clark Kent.

The New 52 Supergirl
The New 52 Supergirl

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