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Interactive Fiction: Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Ebook Review

Treasure hunting. Code breaking. Doodles and audio clips. If your reading experience doesn’t include these elements, then I guess you haven’t picked up Emilie Autumn’s new ebook edition of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. While the detective skills may seem more fitting for a mystery novel, TAFWVG is actually part-autobiography, part-historical fantasy about being institutionalized for mental illness in the Victorian era and today. Emilie Autumn continues her dedication to a personalized relationship with her fans by developing this new level of interactive fiction. Continue reading Interactive Fiction: Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Ebook Review

Costume Couture: Spruce-up your style!

Did you ever pick a piece of clothing up during a sale or at a thrift store, thinking that it has some promise, but it just needed a little something extra? Or do you already have a garment that would look really great with a cosplay or costume of yours, but it requires a little enhancement or ornamentation to make it truly part of your look?


With a little thought and a little money (or just some skillful scavenging) it can be pretty easy to transform articles of clothing from meh to marvelous! No matter what your style– steampunk, goth, lolita– maybe a few finishing touches is all you need to spruce-up your style. Interested in some inspiration? Keep reading to see how I took an average thriftstore find and kick its interest up a couple of notches!

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Adventures from TempleCon 2016: an Overview

After the fun of 2015’s convention, Daily Geekette just had to scope out this year’s TempleCon. A switch from February to August was only one of several noticeable changes at this year’s event. The con expanded, not just further into the Crowne Plaza Hotel, but outside as well! Vendors were now available in two locations: The Clockwork Bazaar, composed of folks cleverly advertising wares from hotel rooms, and The Garden Pavilion, a large outdoor tent with dealers at individual booths. My favorite, of course, was Leanna Renee Hieber’s table. Hieber is a talented author and actress (among many other things), whose name you may recognize from a guest post right here at DG.

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Book Review: Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Continuing with the theme of Sci-fi Summer, I thought I would tell you all a bit about the second book I completed for my reading challenge. Empire in Black and Gold, the first installment of the Shadows of the Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky, is really more of a high-fantasy work with sci-fi elements, including steampunk and military sci-fi. Instead of elves and orcs, you have various Peoples with insect-inspired traits, powers, and strengths. The Wasps, for example, can fly and produce stinging fire from their hands, and are an aggressive and military people. They are poised to take over the Lowlands, and only the old Beetle Stenwald Maker and his young protégés see the threat. Can they open the eyes of the Lowland leaders and stop the invasion before it’s too late? You’ll have to read the series and see. Continue reading Book Review: Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Geekettes Join Sci-Fi Summer Reading Challenge

There’s something about outer space, advanced technology, dystopian governments, and other sci-fi tropes that seem especially suited to summer. Maybe because the hot, lazy days make you want to stretch your mind to the world’s possibilities. In any case, since this book babe can definitely see herself toting some robot reads or steampunk stories in her beach bag over the next couple of months, the Daily Geekette has decided to join Fortified by Books’s Sci-Fi Summer Reading Challenge! Continue reading Geekettes Join Sci-Fi Summer Reading Challenge

Why Daily Geekette Will Miss Wicked Faire

imageWicked Faire, for those who don’t know, is a winter Renaissance Faire for adults (and older teens). It’s one part Ren fair, one part concert festival, and one part kink. Over the years, Wicked Faire has had some awesome themes like Wonderland, Halloween, fairy tales, and Wonka. The con has celebrated subcultures from goth to steampunk and everything in between. Wicked Faire is special. It’s the kind of place where anyone can be themselves. Sadly, this past weekend was the last Wicked Faire.

Daily Geekette has only been represented at Wicked Faire for the last two years. However, I have been to five, and some of our staff have attended more. Wicked Faire holds a special place in plenty of hearts, and some con regulars, including several Geekettes, have shared why this is and some favorite memories.

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Character Makeover– Part VI.

Welcome to my sixth and final installment of my Teen Titans (the 2003-2007 animated series) character makeover project. Sixth installment, you say? Well, yes, as I’ve decided to bookend the series with a makeover for Terra,  despite her complicated relationship with our team of young, intrepid heroes.

Terra in action! Source.
Terra in action! Source.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is just my process, it’s not the only process! Also, depending upon the project, the order in which I proceed may differ.

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Q & A With Gail Carriger

Steampunk World’s Fair (SPWF) is one of the largest steampunk conventions in the world, and this year they amped up their awesomeness by inviting Gail Carriger, New York Times bestselling author, to speak on panels and do a signing. I have never seen a line for anything at SPWF before Ms. Carriger’s signing line. She chatted with everyone in the line including an Alexia Taraboti cosplayer, and a woman with a Bumbersnoot. After she had signed every book put on her table, I got to sit down with her and ask her a few questions.

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Steampunk Worlds Fair: Bigger and Better Than Ever

imageThis past weekend was one of the largest steampunk conventions in the United States, and this is the first year they’ve ever capped the attendance. Steampunk Worlds Fair (SPWF) boasts some of the most well-known steampunk musicians, authors, and makers, and this year Jeff Mach Events stepped up their game in a major way, in spite of a tornado warning and a very high temperature on Sunday. Debbie Farber and I attended for our third year together. Here’s a breakdown of what we found to be some of the best bits: Continue reading Steampunk Worlds Fair: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Fashion, costume and historical garb: Museum exhibits for every clotheshorse!

I could wander at length around most museums,  finding endless, personal, and silent entertainment in what is on view. Personally, a great collection or exhibit has the ability to both exhilarate and to exhaust the mind; the inspiration I glean is abundant and utterly gratifying in the most sublime of manners.

There happen to be an amazing array of fashion and historic costume-inspired exhibits that are currently on view, or are slated for dates within the next year. Keep on reading to discover a few of the gems that I am really excited about!

Pardon my haste... I have a date at the museum!
Pardon my haste… I have a date at the museum!

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