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I FRACKING LOVE COLORING: A Geek Guide to Grown Up Coloring Books

IMG_9441-0With coloring books saturating bookstore shelves, and articles popping up about their calming nature, coloring is¬†clearly gaining in popularity. Hey grown ups! It’s cool to color now! That’s super cool for everyone, whether you believe in the psychology of not, but it’s ESPECIALLY cool for the geeks.

From Disney to Game of Thrones, specific fandom coloring books have been popping up everywhere! These one-time use books range from affordable to fairly expensive. Here are some reviews of the nerdier adult coloring books available:

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Anime Boston Highlights

IMG_4373I attended Anime Boston 2015 last weekend. I had loads of fun and very little drama, despite being one of 26,000+ people cramming into the Hynes Convention Center. This was the year of giant robots and heinous monsters, where Marco Polo was deemed dead and The Beatles were alive. I got to interview Mona Marshall, catch up with friends, and I actually managed to attend a third of the events on my To Do List!  A new personal record!

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The Daily Geekette’s Best of 2014!

The votes are in! Today, on the day of the Golden Globes, we here at the Daily Geekette would like to formally announce the winners of the Best of 2014 Awards!

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