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Daily Geekette’s Favorite Activist Authors

Yesterday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day as well as the “Day without a Woman”  protest arranged by the organizers of the Women’s March. March as a whole is also Women’s History Month. In honor of these events, I thought I would share with you lovely readers some of my favorite female activist authors. Some were authors first, some activists first, but all deserve to be celebrated. Continue reading Daily Geekette’s Favorite Activist Authors


A Peek at the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival

September 24th was a big day in the book world. At the same time some of my Daily Geekette colleagues were exploring Boston Teen Author Festival, I attended the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival in D.C. While there, I got to meet the new history-making Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden, just ten days after she was sworn in! I also met children’s author Shannon Hale (again) and attended some interesting panels, learning such things as Lois Lowry’s preferred brand of toothpaste and the difficulties of literary translation. Read on to hear about my experience! Continue reading A Peek at the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival

Geekettes Stand with #StoriesforAll against Gendered Reading

storiesforallThis week Princess in Black and Princess Academy author Shannon Hale teamed up with Bloomsbury Children’s Books to initiate a campaign called #StoriesForAll. In light of various comments made to her at her school appearances, Hale has become very concerned with the way adults shame boys for reading “girl books.” Now, she and Bloomsbury have decided to do something about it, by spreading awareness on social media all throughout this week.

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Captain Marvel: Coming to a Novel Near YOU!

I was bummed earlier this week to hear that the Captain Marvel movie was pushed back (AGAIN), but thankfully NYCC has given the Carol Corps reason to rejoice! captainmarvel

New York Comic-Con–one of the most popular conventions after San Diego Comic-Con–just concluded another successful year, with loads of exciting news. In particular, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada announced that Carol Danvers may be coming to us a lot sooner in another medium. Continue reading Captain Marvel: Coming to a Novel Near YOU!

A New Once Upon A Time: 5 Female Authors of Fairy Tales to Check Out

With the recent release of the Into the Woods trailer, it’s a good time to reflect on the ways in which fairy tales have become such an integral part of our cultural mindset. They have always been a popular medium; from their roots as moralizing oral tales to their most well-known present form as the notoriously circumscribed adaptations of Disney, fairy tales have fascinated and enchanted audiences of all ages. They have created beloved characters and imparted lessons about the world around us – though all too often these characters and lessons are simplified to an extreme degree, resulting in stereotypes (passive princess, evil stepmother) and dichotomies (good/evil) that support harmful ideologies and show us a biased (most often against women) view of our society.

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