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10 Spooky Books to Read this Halloween Season

Whether you want to bring some book-lovin’ to your Halloween or some Halloween to your book-lovin’, you’ve come to the right spot! I’ve compiled a list of the spookiest books I’ve read lately, be they legitimately scary or merely thematically appropriate. Check out these titles if you want to set the tone for this year’s spooky season: Continue reading 10 Spooky Books to Read this Halloween Season

Ryan Gosling will (most likely) star in Del Toro’s “Haunted Mansion”



A couple of weeks ago, a picture surfaced that featured two of my favorite individuals hanging out at the Happiest Place on Earth. I had a feeling this was no random mistake on their part, and something was definitely cooking up. And sure enough, the best thing ever to be heavily rumored was prepping in the House of Mouse kitchen. That’s right, that Haunted Mansion movie is finally happening, and Ryan Gosling is gonna be in it. Sound the trumpets, and queue the Ghost Host, today is indeed a good day! (Source)

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All Hallows Reads Recommendations

Several years ago, Neil Gaiman proposed a new tradition on his blog that involves giving your friends, neighbors, family, whoever, a scary book on Halloween in place of or in addition to your usual festive sweets. Now there is a whole website dedicated to spreading the word, cataloging lists of recommended scary reads, and more. So whether you decide to adopt Neil’s big idea or whether you’re just looking for a quick read yourself to get pumped for our favorite spooky holiday, check out my list below!

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