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Lime Crime Stole My Identity

It is with a heavy heart that I am bringing this article to life. In my Hedwig Inspired article, I mentioned a makeup brand called Lime Crime. The name was followed with high praise of the quality in the products and a subsequent rave review was to follow in the coming weeks.

 I am saddened to say, that I am retracting my support for Lime Crime. 

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Returning Shows: Fall Promo Round-Up!

I’ve already shared my list of new shows I’m excited for this fall, but I think many die hard geekettes will agree that the joy of discovering a new favorite show will never match the sheer ecstasy of an old favorite’s return. In honor of that fact, I have pulled together a whole bunch of promos for returning shows I’m excited about. So without further ado, enjoy the promos!

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My Shows are Returning!

I know I can not be the only tv junkie super excited for the end of the Olympics and the return of many of my regularly scheduled tv shows, and so in honor of that, I felt compelled to share a list of the shows I am most excited for this week! In addition to the shows that were taking a break during the Olympics, this week also heralds the return of two other shows that have been gone a lot longer: Glee and Scandal. While not all of these shows are particularly geeky, as your trusty TV editor, I figure it doesn’t hurt to share the full extent of what I’m watching (although of course this doesn’t count all the shows I’m currently watching on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video – did I mention how much of a tv junkie I am?).

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