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Teaching New DnD Players the Basics

Countless times I have found myself in debates and conversations about teaching new players to play DnD. To be honest, it is an ongoing battle of learning styles and party dynamics that make teaching new players easy or hard for a group. Here are some of my teaching tips for Dungeon Masters, Party Members, and even new players helping each other. Continue reading Teaching New DnD Players the Basics


5 Games I’m Excited For In 2015


More Lara Croft? Yes Please!

2014 saw the release of some eagerly awaited titles, some of which lived up to the hype and others that disappointed (*cough*Assassin’s Creed: Unity *cough*). Games like Super Smash Bros., Dragon Age: InquisitionBayonetta 2, and more, showed us what next-gen consoles could achieve and got us itching to see what could be accomplished next. Unfortunately, many of 2014’s games also left us wondering where they put all the women – because they certainly weren’t on the list of playable female characters. 2015 is set to be even a bigger year than its predecessor, with long-anticipated titles like Legend of Zelda for Wii U and Evolve planned for release, but will it take any steps towards righting the gender disparity in the industry? Without further ad, here are 5 games (in no particular order) that not only look fantastic, but also hope to answer that question:

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You Should Be Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition

*This article contains minor spoilers, but no big plot points are spoiled

My obsession with RPG video games is vast and never ending. I love having the chance to jump into someone else’s shoes–I could be anyone and do anything. I could explore new worlds, meet new friends, wield swords or cast magic spells, defeat massive bosses, discover great treasures, and maybe even fall in love.


I started playing Bioware’s Dragon Age series two years ago and I was instantly hooked. When I discovered a third game was coming out in 2014, I could barely contain my excitement. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a complex, historically rich, and colorfully expansive role playing game. You should really being playing it and I will let you know why!

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Confessions of a Rogue Reader

Since my fellow Geekettes have been entwined in the events — both good and bad — of an overwhelming and wonderful book con, I decided that this week was a good time to review a book I picked up over six years ago.


Pictured here: 15-year old Jenn with a borrowed (awesome) hat.

Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress, a book by Shelly Mazzanoble, was released in 2007 by Wizards of the Coast –– the company behind D&D. I read it when it was just released and I was a sophomore in high school, embarking on my first “real” campaigns amidst the dungeons.
I had played one-shots before, but my party had never really had one overall cohesive campaign. When I bought it, I was fifteen, geeky, gawky, and comfortable being weird. At that point in my life, I had no concept of fashion, no enjoyment for “retail therapy”, and no
desire to be the stereotypical girly girl.
I was more inclined to wear as many quirky hats and buttons as I could pin on, sing Rent songs at the top of my longs on streets, and do the cotton-eyed joe dance in the middle of a crowded cafeteria.*

(*Actual mortifying things I did, and honestly still occasionally do, in public.) Continue reading Confessions of a Rogue Reader

Why You Should Get Excited About Ubisoft’s “Child of Light”

With all of the press and excitement surrounding the release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity footage, you may not have heard that France-based games studio Ubisoft is also releasing an RPG in the style of Final Fantasy and Grandia. Child of Light is a interesting experiment that combines the sidescrolling exploration of a platformer and the turn-based combat of an JRPG, but that’s not the only reason you should be intrigued . Take a look at the gorgeous trailer below and I’ll talk more about the game’s importance after the jump.

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11 Years of Adventuring!

11 years ago, Kingdom of Loathing was launched.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Loathing:
An Adventurer is You!
 your character class:
Seal Clubbers, Turtle Tamers, Pastamancers, Saucerors, Disco Bandits, and Accordion Thieves.

What is KoL? KoL is a comical —free— MMORPG composed of pop-culture references, obscure jokes, puns, and innuendo. There are six basic character classes to choose from and an entire Kingdom to Explore. There’s a little something for everyone between the wordplay, adventure, quests to complete and collectibles. There are even holidays that one can partake in and enjoy the benefits therein.  Continue reading 11 Years of Adventuring!