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“Built On Hope” – “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Film Review

I’ve grown up with Star Wars in my life from the very beginning. I loved the dirty, worn and unglamorous world of Space Princesses, Farm Boys, Robots, and them all battling against the forces of evil. This repeat enjoyment has carried with me for decades, and has resulted in a love affair that has yet to die. And with last year’s The Force Awakens, I got to revisit that world in the most beautiful and magical of ways. But would the same feeling carry through in the latest Star Wars flick – a one-shot story called Rogue One? This was a concern that fell on me as the days drew closer to the film’s release. But luckily, that concern has dissolved completely.


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“I Rebel.” The Rogue One Trailer is Out!

I’ve been so wrapped up in The Force Awakens and Episode VIII’s filming that I haven’t been paying attention to Rogue One. I had a vague recollection that it was about stealing the Death Star plans (as referenced in A New Hope), but the internet’s made such hoopla about casting Han Solo that I didn’t realize the film was trailer-ready. But behold! The trailer is here, setting hopes and excitement high. Felicity Jones is Jyn Erso, a wayward (dare I say rogueish) young woman recruited to the alliance.

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