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Costume Couture: Spruce-up your style!

Did you ever pick a piece of clothing up during a sale or at a thrift store, thinking that it has some promise, but it just needed a little something extra? Or do you already have a garment that would look really great with a cosplay or costume of yours, but it requires a little enhancement or ornamentation to make it truly part of your look?


With a little thought and a little money (or just some skillful scavenging) it can be pretty easy to transform articles of clothing from meh to marvelous! No matter what your style– steampunk, goth, lolita– maybe a few finishing touches is all you need to spruce-up your style. Interested in some inspiration? Keep reading to see how I took an average thriftstore find and kick its interest up a couple of notches!

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Playing with dolls.

According to Merriam-Webster, a brat is a child; specifically: An ill-mannered annoying child. <a spoiled brat>. Why anyone would promote this attitude or willingly identify with such a moniker is beyond me, but one such American company has made significant bank with Bratz.

In the end, Veruca Salt certainly didn't benefit from being a brat.
In the end, Veruca Salt certainly didn’t benefit from being a brat.

With their overtly sexual nature, poor representation of what a human being should strive for in life (Really? Being a brat?), and as a toy marketed to girls who are already  bombarded with societal expectations of who and what they’re supposed to be and become, and the unattainable, airbrushed perfection of female celebrity, Bratz have pretty much been on my bad side since they were introduced back in 2001.

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