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Poké-App to Launch in 2016!

CALLING ALL 90s KIDS – Did you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Dust off those dreams, Poké-trainers, because your time to shine is coming!  In 2016, you can actually start catching them all – not on cards or a DS screen, but in the real world!

The Pokémon Company has partnered with Nintendo and Niantic for an augmented reality app called Pokémon Go. In conjunction with a Bluetooth-powered device, the Go app will notify you of wild Pokemon in the area. Once you spot them with the app on your phone, you can throw a virtual Pokeball and add them to your collection!

But the app won’t stop there. You can trade and even engage other trainers in battle! Based upon the final battle in the trailer, I wonder if there’ll be group battles for tougher, rarer creatures? Maybe that’s one of the new gameplay options that Junichi Masuda (director of the Pokémon video game series) will explore during his work on the project.  poke-watch-625x351

Pokémon Go will be available for iPhone and Android at no charge, with optional in-game purchases. It launches in 2016, which totally can’t come fast enough.