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Unforgettable: A Finding Dory Review

Finding Dory
A promotional image for Finding Dory

Among Pixar’s many masterpieces, Finding Nemo easily makes my Top 5, which is why confirmation of a sequel both elated and terrified me. It seems like every movie directed towards children and teens nowadays is crafted so as to build a franchise rather than a strong story. While these two can go hand in hand, there’s no doubt that the money-making machine that is Disney can afford to crank out half-developed projects without batting an eye.

Yes, I’m looking at you Cars 2 and Planes.

Thankfully, Finding Dory is not one of these films. With its charming ensemble of both new and returning characters as well as valuable commentary on mental disabilities, this early contender in the summer lineup is a must-see.*

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Finding Dory: First Trailer

Find your exit buddy and prepare for a wilder ride than the East Australian Current: the Finding Dory trailer is here! For over two years, I’ve had a theory about the plot of this movie, and I think my theory is coming true!

I was thirteen when Finding Nemo came out, and I was kind of obsessed with it. Recite-the-whole-movie obsessed. So when a sequel about everyone’s favorite blue tang was announced, I had one all-consuming theory. Do you recall Dory explaining her condition to Marlin after she forgets him the first time?

“I have short term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least, I think it does….Hmm. Where are they?”


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Disny/Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” Full Trailer Released

It was only a few short months ago that we saw the release of Disney/Pixar’s first official look at The Good Dinosaur, the delayed project that explores what would happen if the famous crash that killed the dinosaurs never happened. Now, with the first full trailer being released, we begin to see what the plot of this new Dino-adventure might actually be about.

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“The Voices Inside” – Pixar’s “Inside Out” Movie Review

Back in the 90’s, I was a frequent visitor of Disney World’s Epcot. Inside the park’s Future World was an area themed to the human body, that housed a show called Cranium Command. The attraction allowed you to go inside the mind, and help a younger solider control the emotions of a teenage boy. And though it is gone from Epcot’s current roster, the ideas it provided always made me wish it were a movie. Well, thanks to Pixar, we are given the closest thing I will ever get to seeing Cranium Command on the big screen. Let me introduce you to Inside Out.


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First Teaser for Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” Released

Since Pixar’s latest film, Inside Out, is close to its release date, it makes perfect sense that the world would finally get a taste of the studio’s other new animated project, The Good Dinosaur, which you can view below

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