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Bedtime for Batman: A Review

29058898Normally, Daily Geekette does not review children’s picture books.  Normally, children’s books are not this awesome and catered to our specific audience.  Bedtime for Batman is a picture book by Michael Dahl.  The book tells the story of a little boy going to bed on one page.  On the opposite page, it parallels the boy’s life to Batman’s life of crime fighting. Continue reading Bedtime for Batman: A Review

Night 4 of Hanukkah: Favorite Jewish Authors Edition

Welcome to the fourth night of the Feast of Lights and to DG’s celebration of our favorite Jewish scribes! Night number one had Carly extolling the merits of Cassandra Clare’s Judaic-inspired fantasy; on night two, Kayla shared her love of Anne Frank; Deanna  wrote about Lemony Snicket, a.k.a. Daniel Handler, on night three.


Today’s author (and illustrator!) is Maurice Sendak (1928-2012). You may know his seminal picture book, Where the Wild Things Are (1963). Sendak had a reputation for his curmudgeonly disposition just as much as his haunting illustrations and stories. However, one look at his life’s experiences–largely related to his Jewish background–and I find it easy to sympathize with his outlook.

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Become a Warrior in “The Princess and the Pony”

A standard picture book is 32 pages, no more no less. If you branch out to a more artistic publishing company you can find them in all shapes and sizes, as they break the format. Traditionally, you have 32 pages of wonder that give you a brief peek into a fully realized world. Picture books flawlessly combine word and image. The narrative may be composed of a sentence or constructed from a paragraph, but these books are in no way restricted from invoking wisdom in a new voice. Continuing to break the mold is The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton. Become a warrior in your own right as Princess Pinecone defines self-identity and experience the chance to embody and be many things.


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On the Picture Book Beat

Illustrator Claire Keane’s break out book sends reader to a world of pastel wonder. In the fashion of fantastical journeys, Once Upon a Cloud sends yourself and protagonist Celeste on a grand expedition. Celeste is driven to gift her mom the perfect present but can’t decide on what. A simple but honorable task, it is not taken lightly, as she enlists the help of a few ephemeral guardians for inspiration. An artist legacy, Claire Keane has been a part of creating some of your favorite contemporary Disney characters, the most notable being the visual development for Tangled and Frozen. As a visual development artist her concept art is breathtaking and communicates the atmosphere, emotions, mood, and characteristics of the story. A powerhouse illustrator, you will find her creative process and stylized illustrations translate beautiful to her first picture book, Once Upon a Cloud.tumblr_na9emg84NG1qcx6iuo1_1280 Continue reading On the Picture Book Beat

Returning to the Basics, or, A Young Adult Reads Jane Yolen’s Children’s Literature

Happy Jane Yolen Week! For this addition to the festivities, I’ll be guiding you on a journey of childhood nostalgia–or, if you’re like me and you don’t really remember if you read her books, then partial fuzzy memories. And who knows, maybe along the way we’ll get a new perspective on the books of our childhood.

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