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5 Reasons You Should All Go Watch Penny Dreadful Right Now

I think this post makes the third mention of Penny Dreadful on The Daily Geekette, and this repetition is well earned, in my opinion. Meredith wrote a fabulous review of the first episode, and I mentioned it previously in a post about upcoming summer shows. Having now watched the entirety of the (rather short) first season, I think this show has probably become my favorite new show this summer (and actually one of the few that I managed to watch past the first episode). Here are a few of my favorite things about the show/reasons why I want pretty much everyone I know to watch it, assuming they aren’t too scared of it.

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New Summer Shows: Promo Round-Up

Somehow I managed to be oblivious to most of the new shows that were premiering this summer – I blame the haze of packing and graduating and traveling. But hey, now I have a BA! So for this week’s post I did a round of new shows that have just premiered or will be premiering sometime this summer that I think sound intriguing, or might be of interest to my fellow Geekettes. Lots of promos below!

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