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Top 5 Superheroines That Need More Screentime

Wonder Woman.jpg
The Amazons of Wonder Woman

Judging by the internet, I’m not alone in saying that Wonder Woman has restored my faith in DC. As a fan of their animated features, especially the earlier version of the film made in 2009, I was pleasantly surprised by Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Princess of the Amazons.

But with the film doing as well as it is, I couldn’t help but mull over how many other superheroines deserve more screentime. Too often are such characters left less fleshed out, pushed to the side, or tokenized in lieu of their male counterparts. While full-length movies and spinoffs aren’t for everyone, the following five characters definitely deserve more love. I did my best to pick a variety of girls and women who are beloved in their own right – if only a bit underused.

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Free Comic Book Day 2016 (feat. Koko)


Koko is ready to roll!

On May 7th, comic book stores throughout the U.S participated in “Free Comic Book Day.” This event was kickstarted in 2002 by the North American comic book industry in an effort to encourage new readers and promote upcoming titles. As a newbie myself, I was interested in seeing what “staples” DC, Marvel, Image, and independent companies would offer to beginners and veterans alike. While I only had a chance to visit one store, I’ll be sharing both my loot and three of the series I look the most forward to in the coming months.

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