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New York Comic Con 2016 in a Nutshell

This was a year of major firsts for New York Comic Con. This year, the convention featured three offsite venues, including Madison Square Garden. While con attendance reached record numbers, the offsite spaces meant that the main show floor, hallways, and Artists Alley didn’t often feel overcrowded (the exception being a few peak times each day). image Continue reading New York Comic Con 2016 in a Nutshell

AMERICA YES: America Chavez Slated for Solo Series

As someone who doesn’t get to read comics as often as I’d like, I learn about the coolest characters through my friends, and occasionally Tumblr. So while I’m not the go-to expert on Young Avenger America Chavez, I’m no less pumped today’s NYCC news.

This fan-favorite female superhero will be getting a solo title in 2017! Why is Miss America so beloved? She’s a Latin-American LGBTQ teenager saving the world one punch at a time. Her powers include super strength, invulnerability, flight, and tearing holes in reality.


The book is simply titled America and will feature cover work by Jamie McKelvie, who worked on Young Avengers. Details are still sparse, but DG will be sure to report more as it becomes available.

What do you hope to see in America’s solo series? Share in the comments!

Geekettes Take the Comic Con: Saturday Edition

The highlights for today will be short, as we find ourselves exhausted from running around the Javitz Center and carting around tons of free books.

Apologies for the graininess.
Apologies for the graininess.

The absolute highlight was that every single panel we attended, the panelists brought up encouraging women to get more involved. Bill Nye and Randall Monroe encouraged women to ask for raises and get more involved with science. Cory Doctorow continued to encourage women to ask questions at his panel. Asi Burak encouraged women to get into programming and the gaming industry. Not to mention, the Women of Marvel and Women of DC panels were pretty close to impossible to get in to. That makes me (Kayla) over the moon, happy.

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Friday at New York Comic Con: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly

Unlike our Editor-in-Chief, Dalin, I did not get to go to NYCC on Thursday, and I was not in the same room as George Clooney. Friday was my first day at NYCC, and in my very short time there, it was highly eventful. I got to stand pretty close to Amber Benson, met a cool author, got some things signed, and hit a panel. I’ve got some… interesting highlights and lowlights to share:

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NYCC – Double the Fun!



New York Comic Con is one of the largest and most popular entertainment and media conventions in the country and, as someone who has attended for two years in a row now, I can tell you it definitely lives up to all of the hype.

Yes, that one weekend in October wears me out, tries my patience, and depletes my bank account like no other convention I’ve ever attended, but there’s something about piling into an enormous building with tens of thousands of other fanfolk that is just glorious…in an absolutely insane, sensory overload kind of way. It’s a giant, mind-boggling party for comics, games, books, film, and television. The cosplay is mind-blowing, the show floor is a utopia, and the guests are worth waiting several hours in line for. It’s also crowded, loud, diverse, crowded, unpredictable, frantic, and really crowded. As one of the banners spanning the huge hallway to the Artist Alley this year read, “Welcome to the Largest Insane Asylum on the East Coast”.

So, what could be better than one weekend of sheer, nerdy madness in the Big Apple? Two. Yup. Two New York Comic Cons. It’s happening. Tell your friends.

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