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It’s only been two days since the season 3 finale, and I haven’t even had a chance to write my review of the season as a whole. THAT’S how much a hit TNT has with The Librarians, which is officially renewed for a fourth season!

Credit: TNT
Credit: TNT

Sunday’s finale felt a tad rushed, given the slow build-up from the rest of the season. But I’m looking forward to seeing this series continue.  I want to know what the prophecy of “Eve Baird will change the fate of the Library forever” really entails.  Keep an eye out for my review of season three, coming soon!

What do you want out of Librarians season four?

The Countdown Commences: Brianna’s 5 Fall Anticipations

I watch a lot of TV. Probably more than any one person should. I mean, have you SEEN my calendar for September? Full of season premiere dates! Megan already filled you in on the hottest new series coming to your TV, but I’m here to remind you about the great returning shows!


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Loneliness and Adventure, the Chance to Make a Difference: The Librarians “And the Loom of Fate” (1×10)

Noah Wyle returns as a slightly different Flynn Carsen

I NEED TO KNOW THAT THIS SHOW IS GETTING A SEASON TWO. NOW. Is this what it felt like for Leverage fans after the season 5 finale? How did you lot survive!? The writers have tied up just enough ends to sate the viewers if the show doesn’t get renewed, but there’s still an open plot door or two they can use if they DO get a second season.

Flynn enlists Eve and the L.I.T.s  to help bring back the Library, but villainous mastermind Dulaque has other plans. He uses the doorway they’ve opened to the Void to find The Loom of Fate. Eve and Flynn try to stop him, but Dulaque cuts the fabric on the loom to change history and stop the fall of Camelot. Eve and Flynn are hurtled across alternate timelines in which Flynn never became Librarian. Eve must help Flynn realize his potential and set history right – even if the cost is her life.

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Nothing Ever Changes: The Librarians 1×05, “…And the Apple of Discord”

So, after a quick-and-dirty intro to the first four episodes, it’s time for a proper recap of The Librarians. This week is “And the Apple of Discord.” Remember that each episode title is modeled after the movie titles, which in turn were likely influenced by Indiana Jones flicks. This episode features the return of Flynn, more hints about Jenkins and Dulaque’s history, and glimpses of everyone’s “Dark Side.”

Who else got chills?
Who else got chills?

If you’re not a fan of subtitles, the cold open involving two lost Japanese twenty-somethings might leave you disoriented and later wondering if they made it out alive. Don’t fear, fellow viewer, because the Librarians are similarly disoriented – earthquakes are cropping up all over the globe as a result of magic. It’s only when Flynn bursts through the door dramatically that we learn what magic: dragons.

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Meet The Librarians: Dragons, Electromagnets, and Santa Claus

The Doctor put it best when he said “Books! Best weapons in the world! Arm yourself!” Certainly that applies to TNT’s latest series, The Librarians, based off of the made-for-TV movie franchise The Librarian. In the movies, Flynn Carsen (played by Noah Wyle of E.R.) is a brilliant but insecure fellow recruited to work at the Metropolitan Public Library. Instead of a safe job cataloging books, however, he’s thrown into a world of secret magical artifacts and protecting the world from those who would abuse the power.The Librarians

The franchise bore three films: Quest for the Spear, Return to King Solomon’s Mines, and Quest for the Judas Chalice. The world set up by the films has always hinted at a bigger plan than just collecting and archiving magic artifacts. The Quest for the Judas Chalice specifically referred to an ages-long war between good and evil, with the Library representing the side of good. The Librarians TV series is finally exploring that war. The first episode features Flynn, now ten years into his run as The Librarian, and he’s somewhat hardened by his work. When The Library recruits Colonel Eve Baird to be his Guardian, he turns her away, claiming he’s always done fine on his own. But the two team up when they realize someone is assassinating potential Librarians as part of a larger plot.

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