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The Hot Mess (that looks to be) NBC’s “Emerald City”

NBC is a network that has as many hits as they do misses – and with the release of the trailer for their January slated Emerald City, I’m going to speculate that they might have another misfire on the horizon. But hey, I thought Once Upon a Time would only last one season, so who am I to judge?

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Why Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Is The Show I’ve Been Looking For

Ever since the term “binge-watching” came to be, I had a hard time finding myself a part of the phenomena. Netflix has been considered the cornerstone of said trend, producing some of the greatest TV programming over the past few years – but it sadly never caught on in my household. Sure, there were series I was becoming a fan of – including BBC’s Musketeers, which I still consider one of the best shows out there, along with Outlander and Showtime’s Masters of Sex, so I’ve found a few shows that trigger that bit of addictive watching in me. But when I first saw the trailer for the new Netflix original show Stranger Things, I knew something seemed different – but in the best way possible.


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Fall TV: You’ve Watched the Pilot, Now What?

I used to be very strategic about starting new shows in the fall. I would carefully watch trailers and read reviews, and only sit down to watch a pilot if I was sure it was a show I might want to follow. I didn’t want to get sucked into something if I didn’t have time to watch it. This year, I decided to throw that to the wind. I’m watching any and all pilots I want and checking out shows that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch based off of the promos. That means deciding whether I want to watch a show is saved for after watching the pilot, while knowing that a show can ultimately change a lot from its pilot episode. How then to decide? I use a few different criteria.

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New Fall 2015 TV Shows To Check Out

Now that September has rolled around, it’s hard for me to not start thinking about all the new shows I want to watch. Sure, I get excited about returning shows too, but it’s the potential of finding a new favorite that really makes me love the season (well, that and Halloween. Halloween is my favorite part of fall). Without further ado, I present to you my list of new shows I am excited for in fall 2015!

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New Summer Shows: Promo Round-Up

Somehow I managed to be oblivious to most of the new shows that were premiering this summer – I blame the haze of packing and graduating and traveling. But hey, now I have a BA! So for this week’s post I did a round of new shows that have just premiered or will be premiering sometime this summer that I think sound intriguing, or might be of interest to my fellow Geekettes. Lots of promos below!

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