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Make Room for Brie Larson: Potential Captain Marvel Actress

Brie Larson, Oscar-winning actress from Room, was announced by Variety as Marvel’s top choice to play Captain Marvel. Apparently nothing is finalized yet, but Marvel wants Larson and Larson seems up for doing the role. Continue reading Make Room for Brie Larson: Potential Captain Marvel Actress

Free Comic Book Day 2016 (feat. Koko)


Koko is ready to roll!

On May 7th, comic book stores throughout the U.S participated in “Free Comic Book Day.” This event was kickstarted in 2002 by the North American comic book industry in an effort to encourage new readers and promote upcoming titles. As a newbie myself, I was interested in seeing what “staples” DC, Marvel, Image, and independent companies would offer to beginners and veterans alike. While I only had a chance to visit one store, I’ll be sharing both my loot and three of the series I look the most forward to in the coming months.

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Ms Marvel to join the MCU? Let the anticipation commence.



I’ve been excited for the Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron, since the title was announced.

Okay…strike that, I’ve been excited for the sequel since I walked out of the theater after seeing the first Avengers film at its midnight release. It was, without a doubt, the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen (not that I expected anything less from Joss Whedon) and bringing in the ever-exciting Ultron plot in the sequel is bound to make things even more awesome. Marvel has struck gold with their Cinematic Universe. They found the perfect formula for a superhero movie and they’re running with it.  The only thing some fans (this blogger included) have found lacking? Another female hero. There’s five men, after all, and Marvel has dozens of fantastic ladies to choose from! Black Widow has proven that comic book ladies can be put to film both tastefully and successfully, so it’s about time another superheroine was introduced. And it seems someone at Marvel has been thinking the same thing, if the latest casting rumors are anything to go by.

Somebody hold me, because if the stories are true I might fall over…

Ms Marvel could be hitting the big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron!

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Old Title, Fresh Start: Earth-616 Welcomes its New Ms Marvel!



It’s not even speculation anymore to say that Marvel Comics is starting to consciously pitch their books to a wider audience of geeks; to women, to racial minorities, to gender and sexuality minorities, and other groups that have often been ignored or completely mistreated in the industry in the past. In the last two years they’ve written new characters, redesigned costumes, and hired female creators, all with the aim of diversifying an industry that has been frozen in the 60’s in too many ways for too long. 

Today, the company releases its first issue featuring the new Ms Marvel: a Muslim, Pakistani American teenager named Kamala Khan.

Nope, that’s not someone’s Tumblr dream headcanon, that’s actually happening. And it’s awesome.

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