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Diversity Among Shadowhunters: Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight

If you’re looking for a good YA series with bisexual, Hispanic, or autistic representation, it might be time to hop on the Dark Artifices train, as the second book was just released last Tuesday, May 23. From the author who brought us our first Jewish vampire and an immensely powerful gay warlock comes a new spin-off series from her original The Mortal Instruments world. Today I will review Lady Midnight (Book 1 of The Dark Artifices) by Cassandra Clare, particularly focusing on the minority characters Mark, Christina, and Ty. Continue reading Diversity Among Shadowhunters: Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight


Literature-Themed Halloween Party Ideas

So you want to throw a themed Halloween party this year, but you want something a little more sophisticated than Cops and Robbers or less cliché than Angels and Devils? Why not turn to literature for some inspiration? Here are some book-themed party ideas that you are welcome to borrow: Continue reading Literature-Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Ave Atque Vale–Hail and Farewell to the Mortal Instruments

It was a damp and cloudy Tuesday evening in Wellesley. I had driven for the last 30 minutes and finally arrived at 6, fifteen minutes before the doors opened, and an hour before the event started. Those who know me might be know that I tend to plan my arrival for the last possible minute, so I can do other things, like reading. Or watching Netflix. Mostly watching Netflix.


So, what could possibly motivate me to be on time, even early, to something?

A book signing–more specifically, a book signing that marks the end of an era. Yes, friends, I am talking about the final installment in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, City of Heavenly Fire. And while Ms. Clare has confirmed that her next series will feature cameos by some of the characters, this is the end. No more Clary, or Jace, or Simon, or any other Shadowhunters/Downworlders/etc.. Their epic journey ends here.


Continue reading Ave Atque Vale–Hail and Farewell to the Mortal Instruments