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Michael Jackson: How To Make A Movie About Him, Without Being Offensive

When most people meet me, they don’t often peg me as a Michael Jackson fan. I have a partially shaved head, I wear lots of weird Japanese street fashion clothes, and I pick combat boots over stilettos when given the choice. But, underneath all those funky colors and weird hair choices, I have essentially been a fan of the King of Pop since birth. His image was constantly in my face growing up, and never did I ever want to stop looking at it. Michael has been a constant inspiration and artistic hero in my life – which is why seeing recent news about another cinematic take on Michael has me very concerned.


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New Michael Jackson Album “Xscape” To Be Released May 13th


I love Michael Jackson. Yep, he’s my favorite singer in the whole world and regardless of his past (and that he’s dead) that fact will never change. Today, us fans finally got word of some pretty cool news that a new album of “unreleased” songs will be dropping to digital marketplaces (and stores that still sell physical music, what a concept!) on May 13th, titled Xscape. The album will feature 8 new songs that have been “contemporized” by various producers Jackson worked on with/admired in the past including Rodney Jerkins and Timbaland.

Though any new MJ is exciting, ever since the release of Michael (a similar album of his demo’s revisited from 2009) I’ve been rather skeptical when it comes to getting excited about these “new albums” coming from Sony.  Any real fan of The King of Pop would know how meticulous he was when it came to the production of his music, and he wouldn’t just allow any bits of sounds to enter the same atmosphere as his songs. So when I hear the word “contemporize” used in the same sentence as the man who made so much timeless music, I get a little nervous.


Are you excited about new MJ music being released? What’s your favorite MJ song? Xscape drops May 13th, but you can pre-order the album via Sony’s website and iTunes, here starting April 1st.