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“Ghost Girls” – “Ghostbusters” (2016) Movie Review

“I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts” is a phrase most of you have probably heard before. But for the people behind the reboot of Ghostbusters, they’ve had to change that iconic catch phrase to one that references the even scarier corners of the internet. Yes, the World Wide Web spoke yet again that it was out for blood with this remake of their childhood favorite movie, and they were gonna hate it no matter what. But for the few of you that have boldly decided to have a mind of your own objective opinions and to give this movie a shot (unlike many who have seemed to), let me open up a can of Ecto-Cooler and give you an honest-to-Slimer, non-cash advancement or goal oriented take on this “ever so controversial” new Hollywood release.


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First Image of New “Ghostbusters” Uniforms and Proton Pack Released

Many have speculated what the heck the new, all female Ghostbusters movie is going to be like. From the casting, humor, mood – everything has been speculated. But now, with production underway, we’re finally getting our first look into this new girl power team of ghostbustin’ fighters will be like, thanks to director Paul Feig’s Twitter account.

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