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What Is This “New Adult” Genre and What Geeky Books Belong to It?

Perhaps your local bookstore has added a new shelf label or your favorite author has announced a new series under this mysterious category. In any case, you’ve found yourself wondering, what exactly does “new adult” mean, especially in terms of literature? New Adult is the next step up for those of us who love YA but have graduated into the next stage of our lives and want something that hits a little closer to home. Usually featuring protagonists aged 18–30, New Adult fiction engages with themes such as sexuality, developing independence, change, and embarking on a career. While Young Adult works are often set in high schools, New Adult is usually set in college or the early years beyond schooling. Continue reading What Is This “New Adult” Genre and What Geeky Books Belong to It?


Golden: a Review

Golden is the third book in the Heart of Dread series by  Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston. imageThe series originally seemed to be about a future where the earth has been devastated and is covered with ice. There are garbage islands floating in the ocean and no food. In the second book we learn that the environment has less to do with global warming and more to do with magic. Magic, with sorcerers and dragons, secret grey tower rooms that hold the key to bringing back or rediscovering other worlds. It’s a different way of looking at current issues, but it removes the substance from these books and sugar coats what is actually happening with our environment. Continue reading Golden: a Review

Geekettes on Disney’s Descendants

imageDisney has slowly been releasing information on their upcoming DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie), Descendants. The plot? The villains have children (yes, even the ones who died at the end of their movie) and all of them live on an island as punishment for their evil crimes. Princess Belle and Prince ADAMs’ son, Ben, has invited the evil children to attend Auradon Prep, the good school. The details get fuzzy after that, but basically the evil parents have sent their children with a mission they must fulfill.

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Vampires All Grown Up! A Review and Interview with Melissa de la Cruz

vampires of manhattan book coverSick of vampire stories set in high school? Wouldn’t a powerful and immortal creature of the night want to do something more interesting with her life than sit in a classroom re-learning algebra for the 50th time? If you’re looking for a more grown-up vampire tale, check out Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz, coming out next Tuesday, September 9th!

You may know Melissa de la Cruz from her Witches of East End novels, or the TV series adapted from them. Or maybe you’ve read her YA series, Blue Bloods. Her latest book, Vampires of Manhattan is the start a new series called The New Blue Bloods Coven, a continuation of the story from Blue Bloods, but set ten years in the future. Vampires of Manhattan is part of the budding genre of New Adult, which is geared toward a slightly older demographic than the usual YA audience. New Adult novels often feature characters in their early to mid-20s, either college-age or young professionals. Vampires of Manhattan delves into the lives of the sexy paranormal elite of New York City. From Oliver Hazard-Perry, the formerly-human head of the Coven, to Mimi Martin, the restless wife of the lord of the underworld, Vampires of Manhattan brings back beloved characters of Blue Bloods in an older and more sophisticated guise.

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These are the Girl Anachronisms: A Review of The Ring and the Crown

Melissa De La Cruz’s newest novel, The Ring and the Crown, is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read in a while.  Not only are the cover and design gorgeous, but the characters, the settings, and the clothes are all beautifully crafted through words.  This is a first installment in a new series, and I’m definitely going to be picking up the next book!The Ring and the Crown tells the story of five different characters.  There’s a princess, her magician best friend, a scorned fiance, a rebellious prince, and a social climbing American.  Though it takes a while to put together who everyone is and how they all connect, eventually all the storylines come together as all the characters are drawn towards London for one monumental season.

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