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This Week on TV: Dec 5 – 11

Welcome back, TV Lovers–and welcome to Winter Finales!  Doctor Who ended its series 9 run with “Hell Bent.” Once Upon a Time wrapped up its Dark Swan arc and set the stage for a rescue mission in the Undeworld. Meanwhile, The Librarians confront the idea of appearance while investigating at an elite club. Agents of SHIELD actually killed off a major character, and The Mindy Project seemed headed towards a huge break-up for its main couple. The Flash and Arrow ended their holiday-themed winter finales on very different notes.

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This Week on TV: Nov 28 – Dec 4

Welcome back, TV lovers. In Doctor Who, the Doctor is reeling from the loss of Clara, and is trapped in a nightmarish castle. In an episode with double the guest stars, The Librarians face Faustian deals with a devilish John de Lancie. On Once Upon a Time, Hook has literally gone to the dark side and Emma must stand against him. The Flash and Arrow had their epic crossover this week, and it was a story that successfully filled the two episodes with lots of excitement. Jane the Virgin was, sadly, off this week. Agents of SHIELD set the stage for what’s sure to be an explosive mid-season finale. And The Mindy Project revealed that Danny and Mindy’s relationship might actually be set to fail.

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This Week on TV: Nov 21-27

Welcome back TV lovers. The last quarter of Doctor Who started with a bang with “Face the Raven” as we said goodbye to Clara. There was no Once Upon a Time this week, but The Librarians hit us with some surprise feels. Jane the Virgin gave us the rare Black Friday episode of television. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also took a break, but The Mindy Project showed just how serious things have gotten with Mindy and Danny’s relationship problems. Continue reading This Week on TV: Nov 21-27

This Week on TV: Nov 14 – 20

Welcome back TV Lovers! The first stand alone episode of Series 9 find the Doctor and Clara in a found footage story. Once Upon a Time had a lot of death and birth in their back-to-back episodes, while The Librarians investigate a college that inspired H.P. Lovecraft.  Jane the Virgin presents us with the show’s first major time jump (and handles it beautifully). FITZSIMMONS FINALLY KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME on Agents of SHIELD, though The Mindy Project signals the beginning of some real problems for Mindy and Danny. The Flash dealt with the emotional impact of Barry and Zoom’s fight, while also bringing back Gorilla Grodd. Arrow continued Diggle’s investigation of his brother’s past, and the team’s fight against H.I.V.E. Continue reading This Week on TV: Nov 14 – 20

This Week on TV: Nov 7 – 13

Welcome back, TV lovers!

In this week’s Doctor Who the Doctor managed to convince the Zygons to stop the war before it began. On Once Upon a Time, we learn Merlin’s history with The Dark One and Emma reforges Exalibur. It’s a family affair on The Librarians when the latest case forces Jacob to reveal his secret life to his old-fashioned father. Britney Spears making a guest appearance is just the beginning of the insanity on Jane the Virgin. Love is in the air on both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Mindy Project, albeit in very different ways. This week on The Flash, Barry and Zoom finally came face to face, while Arrow finally found the missing Ray Palmer. Read on to find out more about what happened in your favorite shows this week: Continue reading This Week on TV: Nov 7 – 13

This Week on TV: Oct 31-Nov 6

Welcome back, TV lovers!

In Doctor Who it’s revealed the Zygons had already “invaded” and were peacefully living among us after the events of “Day of the Doctor” until a small sect breaks the ceasefire. Belle and Merida teamed up on Once Upon a Time, while Rumple pulled Excalibur from the stone, and everyone else realized that Arthur is a jerk. In the two hour premiere of The Librarians, there’s no shortage of obstacles: literary characters come to life, the Library is misbehaving, and Eve gets hit on by Moriarty. Jane the Virgin made some solid progress in resolving its love triangle. Meanwhile, both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Mindy Project stepped up their game as the former revealed the identity of a major villain and the latter showed major character progress for its lead. The Flash saw another villain come through from Earth-2 while the team struggled not to kill Earth-2’s Harrison Wells. Arrow had a guest appearance from John Constantine that made for a magical and exciting episode.

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This Week on TV: Oct 24 – 30

Welcome back, TV lovers! The Twelfth Doctor tracks down “The Woman Who Lived” in 1651 England. On Once Upon a Time, we see Emma’s maternal instincts as the Dark One are drawing comparisons to the worst mother in OUaT history, Cora Mills! “Working Moms” seems to be the big theme for both Jane Villanueva and Mindy Lahiri this week, while Jemma Simmons struggles to survive on an alien planet in an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where she finds herself the protagonist! The Flash found a new Firestorm, and Arrow dealt with secrets and rogue police. Read on for more details about what this week’s shows had in store! Continue reading This Week on TV: Oct 24 – 30

This Week on TV: Oct 17 – 23

Welcome back TV lovers! This week, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara met “The Girl Who Died,” played by Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. Jane the Virgin had its heroine consider giving The Rose to one of her suitors, and The Mindy Project continued Danny’s foray into fatherhood. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fully introduced a threatening new villain. The Flash had some villain family drama, and Arrow included a return to Nanda Parbat. Once Upon a Time gave us their take on the Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur story, while Emma continues to battle her inner darkness.

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This Week on TV: Oct 10 – 16

Welcome back, TV lovers!  In Doctor Who the Doctor went back to 1980 to try to figure out what exactly happened “Before the Flood.” On Once Upon a Time, Prince Charming finds a new bro in King Arthur in both the past and present. Meanwhile, Emma plots how to remove Excalibur from the stone. Jane the Virgin returns from its excruciatingly long hiatus, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. welcomes back Jemma Simmons and The Mindy Project shows just what stay-at-home moms do all day. And both of the CW superhero dramas kick things into high gear as their sure-to-be season-long threats become even more menacing.

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This Week on TV: Oct 3-9

We’re back for another TV recap post! Doctor Who started a new story arc as The Doctor and Clara find themselves “Under the Lake” in 2119. The Flash and Arrow premiered their new seasons (and new villains). On Once Upon a Time,  the new Dark One’s curse and a sudden arrival of Camelot residents are the least of Regina’s problems as she tries to fill the role of “Savior.” The Mindy Project made some questionable decisions regarding feminism, and Agents of SHIELD welcomed back several characters missing from the premiere.

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