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“Possibility” – Marvel’s Doctor Strange Movie Review

In a world, where Marvel continues to make very well executed, but cookie-cutter factory-approved movies, exists a rare example of something that is more of a risk than their prior creations: Doctor Strange. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton, along with an incredible supporting cast, the film takes us into a world of magic, “wizards”, and sassy one liners – the kind that Marvel needed more than they ever thought they did.

Doctor Strange
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“You Just Started A War” – “Captain America: Civil War” Movie Review

Good versus Evil. The North versus The South. The Rebels versus The Empire. These are just a few of the great battles throughout history, non-fiction and otherwise. They were intense, blood filled, but someone came out on top, and whatever side you chose dictated quite a bit about yourself. Now in 2016, we have many other sides to chose, but the most important of all (in the nerd community that is) resides in the simple question: Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Personal choice aside, both teams have an argument to be made. But until you see the evidence (aka Marvel’s latest release, Captain America: Civil War, directed by the Russo Brothers), the choice rests on your own inner nerdy core.


Warning: If you consider even the tiniest of mentions a spoiler, even if they are in the trailer, you might want  to wait to read this review!

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The “Tom Hiddleston” Effect: Explaining The Internet’s “It” Boy

Back in 2011, a little movie called Thor came out to much fandom love and admiration. One specific cast member, who played the film’s central villain, Loki, took the hearts of many Tumblr users and internet dwellers a like. But what exactly is it about Mr. Hiddles (as I like to call him) that makes him such a fan favorite among the interwebs? Well, with the release of his new film Crimson Peak almost upon us, I found it appropriate to discuss what the heck this skinny, charming dude from the UK seems to have that the rest of Hollywood’s male catalog lacks.

Tom with a cat
Tom with a cat for Shortlist

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Confessions of an Iron Fan

For me, it started while channel flipping. I was fourteen, just starting high school and currently in charge of the remote. There was no Netflix back in those days, so my fellow hunter gatherers and I had to click through a lot of advertisements before something interesting caught our eyes. After several minutes, a man with a blue glowing chest, appeared between a cooking show and a news report. I could have kept clicking and seen what else was on…but I flipped back. The strange glowing chest, the high-tech armor slowly being assembled around him, the basement lab, the monotone A.I. voice….I was intrigued. I stayed and watched all the way to the end. That decision sparked what my parents thought was a phase, my sister thought was annoying, and what all my friends at school thought was weird. I can say with rigid conviction that I would not be anywhere near the person I am today without Tony Stark.

These are the confessions of an Iron Fan. This is the journey this character has taken me on.

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