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Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics


The comic book world can be incredibly overwhelming.  Comic book stores are geared toward longtime readers, putting the most recent issue in front, and then everything else in bins.  Sometimes the bins are separated into DC, Marvel, and indie.  Sometimes they’re straight up alphabetical.  If you decide you’re going to go for trade, meaning several issues bound into a book that hopefully conveys a full storyline, you then have to hope that your comic series does not interact with any other comics, because then you’ve got to buy the crossovers to get the full story.  THEN, pray your story doesn’t jump into a parallel universe that already existed and has rules that have been explained in another series.

I want to tell you about some of the issues I faced when starting to get into comics. Luckily, I worked at Borders at the time, and had some really awesome co-workers who helped me get on the right track.  Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up over my years of getting into comics: Continue reading Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics

Fables 150: Farewell Will Make You Cry

imageFables, one of Vertigo’s most well-loved series, ends this month. The series, written by Bill Willingham, started in 2002, spawned three spin-off series, a crossover with Unwritten, a novel, and a video game. It has been a gateway drug to non-superhero comic books and a catalyst for change in the comic book industry. Willingham and Mark Buckingham, the series’ main artist, chose to end Fables with a giant last issue, Fables 150, or Volume 22, for those of you who read the trade paperbacks.

The book is two different entities: the end of the story currently unfolding and the last stories of a plethora of beloved characters. In Volume 21, readers started to get a few of these, “The last story of…” pages, and it was the perfect way to wrap up the series.

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