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Multiplayer Games for the Holidays!

Christmas may be over, but family and friends are still around – and I’d be willing to bet someone has a new console burning a hole through their pockets. What better activity to do with it than turn friends into enemies by beating the virtual bejeezus out of them? To facilitate this post-Christmas activity, I’ve come up with a list of the best games to play with others this holiday season:

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Confirmations, Presentations, and Rumors, Oh My!

Electronic Entertainment Expo
Electronic Entertainment Expo

It’s that time of the year again: speculations abound, rumors fly, and the big names vie for the position of top dog…yes, it’s almost E3! Arguably the biggest event of the industry is fast approaching (June 10-12), and it’s never too early to begin rounding up all of the exciting possibilities that may await us at this year’s expo. So here follows the confirmed, the hearsay, and the wild ideas that I desperately hope for when I can’t sleep at night from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo:

Microsoft's press conference at last year's expo did not live up to expectations
Microsoft’s press conference at last year’s expo did not live up to expectations

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10 Things You Need to Know About “Mario Kart 8”

Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8

In just a few short months, the next installment of the beloved Mario Kart franchise will be releasing, and it just might bring back the glory games of the no-holds-barred, best-friends-will-become-your-enemies racing game. But this title isn’t just the same ol’, same ol’ – the newly-released trailer has highlighted a bunch of new features and revamps of old elements that I’m itching to try out, and you should be too. Here’s what and why:

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What Does 2014 Hold for the Wii U?

When the NPD released its February sales report on Friday, many people may have been surprised to learn that Wii U sales were up 25% from this same time last year, with around 100,000 units sold since the beginning of the month. Nintendo reported that this jump was largely a result of the success of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which sold over 130,000 copies from its release on February 21 until March 1, making it the month’s 4th highest-selling game on an individual platform.

Donkey Kong's developer, Retro Studios, calls the Wii U a "powerhouse"
The release of the new Donkey Kong bumped up sales of the Wii U

Why is this a surprise? Disappointment and looming financial disaster have been plaguing the Wii U since its release in November 2012. To date, its only sold 5.61 million units worldwide, a sad statistic considering the fact that 5.3 million PS4s have already been sold since the console’s release three months ago. In January, Nintendo revised its expected Wii U sales from 9 million consoles to 2.8 million, as a key hope for the system – the 2013 holiday season – resulted only in more discouragement. In fact, the Wii U has done so badly since its release that it has cost Nintendo the entirety of its 2013 profits. In concept, the Wii U seemed like a fascinating upgrade to its outrageously successful predecessor, the Wii. The GamePad brought with it a lot of integrative possibilities for gameplay and the time seemed ripe for upgrades to classic Nintendo franchises, like Super Smash Bros. So, what went wrong? Continue reading What Does 2014 Hold for the Wii U?