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What to Watch This Weekend: “GTFO”

You’ve heard about #Gamergate, you’ve heard about harrassment in online games, you’ve heard about Anita Sarkeesian — probably from conflicting stories or multiple sources covering different time periods and perspectives. Well, what if you could see it all in one convenient location?

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A Narrative Divergence: Arkane’s “Dishonored 2”

Little Emily has grown up in “Dishonored 2”

In my last article, I detailed some of the many upcoming games that feature female characters or protagonists. It’s an exciting trend to see, and one I’m going to delve into in a little more detail about, giving each game a closer look as more information comes out. Up this week: Arkane Studio’s Dishonored 2. 

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We’re In the Game: ‘FIFA 16’ To Include Women’s National Teams

Alex Morgan in ‘FIFA 16’

Last summer, Ubisoft explained that they didn’t include any female avatars in Assassin’s Creed: Unity because “It was really a lot of extra production work.” More animations, more voices, more everything. Though Ubisoft backed down from the “challenge” of including women (at least temporarily – it looks like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will include a female assassin), EA has stepped up to the plate, or, rather, the pitch: FIFA 16 will include women’s national teams for the first time in the series’ history.

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Unbowed, Unbent, Unacceptable? “Game of Thrones'” Latest Controversy

Sansa’s wedding night has stirred up controversy

**Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 to follow **

Carly’s Opinion

Last week, many Game of Thrones fans were upset by the rape scene at the end of the episode. While I certainly found the scene disturbing, I can’t say I found it surprising.

Having read the books first, I was dreading this inevitable scene since I first heard that Sansa would be taking the role that Jeyne Poole plays in the book. It was disturbing enough to read about Ramsay’s sick treatment of a minor character we had barely come to care about; how much more so when we saw it happen to a well-loved character in full cinematic detail.

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BAFTA Game Awards 2015: Unexpected Wins and More Than A Few Disappointments

Destiny takes home the top prize

So, Destiny won “Best Game” at the 2015 BAFTAs. Yes, Destiny. Beating out Monument Valley, Mario Kart 8, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Alien: Isolation, the game that “tell[s] the same pedestrian stories time and time again,” won the award for the pinnacle of achievement in video games.

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“The Shoe Fits”: DG Reviews Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

Here at DG, we like to give our thoughts on new releases that are important to our readers. This week, we’re gonna take a look at a cinematic fairy tale – one that is stirring up quite a few discussions among the internet. So what did the Geekettes think of Disney’s latest live-action adaptation, Cinderella? Well, get a hold of your glass slippers and let’s take a look:

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5 Games I’m Excited For In 2015


More Lara Croft? Yes Please!

2014 saw the release of some eagerly awaited titles, some of which lived up to the hype and others that disappointed (*cough*Assassin’s Creed: Unity *cough*). Games like Super Smash Bros., Dragon Age: InquisitionBayonetta 2, and more, showed us what next-gen consoles could achieve and got us itching to see what could be accomplished next. Unfortunately, many of 2014’s games also left us wondering where they put all the women – because they certainly weren’t on the list of playable female characters. 2015 is set to be even a bigger year than its predecessor, with long-anticipated titles like Legend of Zelda for Wii U and Evolve planned for release, but will it take any steps towards righting the gender disparity in the industry? Without further ad, here are 5 games (in no particular order) that not only look fantastic, but also hope to answer that question:

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Where Are The Warrior Women?

League of Legends' popularity has only continued to grow
League of Legends’ popularity has only continued to grow

In anticipation of the upcoming 2014 World Championship, Riot released a new trailer that features a heart-pumping Imagine Dragons song, cool, stylized animation, and a message of perseverance, teamwork, and glory. There’s just one thing missing. Check out the video below, and we’ll talk about it after the jump:

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