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LGBTQ Makeup: Be Prideful for Pride Month

June is a month of celebration for LGBTQ folks. A community frequently ignored by the mainstream gets to to celebrate who they are and who they love. And although this month has been marred by tragedy, Pride is not over. Inspired by the amazing NikkieTutorials on Youtube, today I will show you how to get this amazing rainbow eye makeup so you can get your own Pride on. wp-1466127171405.jpg

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Boldly Going: “The Outcast”

Star Trek often used aliens as allegory to deal with societal issues and The Next Generation carried on that tradition.  Midway through the fifth season, “The Outcast” brings the issue of gender identity to the forefront. It was the first time the show showcased such an issue. All of the featured characters in Star Trek are heterosexual and cisgendered so they explored the concept of gender identity through an androgynous alien species.

The Enterprise is in the midst of investigating the mysterious disappearance of one of the J’naii’s shuttlecraft. They send out a probe and when it too disappears, the crew realize they have encountered a phenomenon of null space. Soren, a member of the J’naii, and Commander Riker work together to develop a rescue plan for the shuttle. In the process they fall in love, something that is taboo in J’naii society as Soren confesses she identifies as female.

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Bisexuality Exists: Why I’m in Love with General Hospital

Primetime television needs to officially up its game. Last week General Hospital achieved something that none of my other TV shows have done: acknowledged bisexuality.  Regardless what you may think of the genre,  this is a pretty big deal.


It sounds so simple, and yet…. Well, look at the evidence. Prior to this, I could only name one show where a character flat out identified as bisexual, and it wasn’t in a positive manner.

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“Train Set”: “Carol” Movie Review

When I look at photographs and images from the ’50s, much of it brings a sense of utter joy and delight. A tribute to an era that was built on the positive notions of those that survived the past World War, looking to the future at their baby boomer offspring and chrome automobiles. But somewhere, beneath the cracks, we begin to realize that those pictures do not tell the complete story–for this was a time of important works of art, ones that spoke of a more deeper decade than we could ever imagine. One such novel, The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, serves as the inspiration for Todd Hayne’s latest project, Carol, a movie that explores the more interesting aspects of that mysterious time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.53.46 AM

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Coming of Age Queerly: A Review of Under the Udala Trees

“Many days I reason to myself that change is the point of it all…. Maybe God is still speaking and will continue to do so for always. Maybe He is still creating new covenants, only we were too deaf, too headstrong, too set in old ways to hear…. Maybe we have only to open our ears and hearts and minds to hear.”

-Epilogue, Under the Udala Trees

Under the Udala Trees

Released earlier this week, Under the Udala Trees tells the story of Ijeoma, a young woman growing up in Nigeria, at first during the Biafran War, and then in the aftermath, as she falls in love for the first time, and then again. Her mother tells her this love is an abomination because it is for another young woman, and Ijeoma struggles to balance her mother’s teachings with her own feelings. In Nigeria, Ijeoma could be stoned to death for loving another woman, a warning that echoes in her mind over the years as she deals with the pressure from a society (and a widowed mother) that tells her she must marry a man in order to be complete.

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Meeting My ‘We Need Diverse Books’ New Year’s Resolution

twitter-15-pledgeIn January, an organization known as We Need Diverse Books challenged readers to promote diversity in literature by making New Year’s resolutions to read diverse books. They described diverse books as “books where people of color can be first-page HEROES rather than second-class citizens. Books in which LGBTQIA characters can represent social CHANGE rather than social problems. And books where people with disabilities can be just…people.”  I joined their challenge, pledging to read at least fifteen diverse books in the year 2015. And just a few weeks ago, I fulfilled my pledge, with plenty of time left over to read even more! Continue reading Meeting My ‘We Need Diverse Books’ New Year’s Resolution

Popular Gay Couples in TV and Movies: Hot or Not?

*Warning: This article may contain spoilers!
There have been many well-known television shows and movies over the years that have featured popular LGBTQ+ couples. One of the most discussed aspects of these relationships have been whether or not the writers accurately portrayed a realistic queer relationship. Some couples have complexities and intricacies that give them depth and realism. Others are boring, unrealistic, or simply poorly written. These are fifteen of the most popular gay couples over the years in pop culture that have long been contested…

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The Importance of “Coming Out” – Why Queer Celebrities Matter

Note: The word “queer” will be used throughout this article as an all-encompassing term for LGBTQ+ individuals.

youtube-ingrid-nilsen-comes-out-lesbian (1)

Coming out is one of the most difficult things a person can do. It takes immense courage and strength to make yourself vulnerable to all sorts of judgement, especially since it’s hard to know what to expect as a reaction. I am sure when one is in the public eye, it must be even harder to come out since being vulnerable to an audience of millions is probably as nerve-wracking as can be. However, it is essential that celebrities and public figures continue to be themselves and talk openly about their sexualities and genders so that society can continue to progress. If queer people see that their role models are brave enough to come out, it may encourage them to do the same. Also, many people struggle with their sexualities/gender identities and seeing that someone they look up to is just like them may help them to accept themselves. It is crucial that LGBTQ+ people are discussed in the media so that everyone can see that they are no different from anyone else. Seeing famous queer people begins to remove the stigma that LGBTQ+ individuals are “weird,” strange,” or “abnormal” in some way.


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Eight Things I Learned from “Orange is the New Black”

Warning: Includes spoilers for all seasons!

The Netflix original series Orange is the New Black (sometimes referred to as OitNB)  has become one of the most popular television shows ever in the past few years. Not only does this show provide hours of fantastic entertainment, it has also provided its viewers with life lessons and interesting new perspectives. Here are some of the things I’ve learned through the experience of watching this incredible show.

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Same-Sex Marriage Legalized Nationwide by Supreme Court

princess bride

Marriage equality has long been an issue in the U.S. Many states have made same-sex marriage legal, especially within the last few years, but many states have also been steadfast in their “traditional” views of marriage. Up until now, marriage in some areas has been legally defined as “the union of one man and one woman.” (SOURCE) Since the issue has been contested for a long time, many citizens brought their cases to the Supreme Court, explaining that they believed their relationships were just as valid as any heterosexual relationship. This opened some eyes to the importance of this issue and the Supreme Court eventually agreed to vote on whether or not the civil liberty of marriage would be granted to all individuals (as opposed to the decision by popular vote). Today, in a momentous victory, the court ruled in favor of equal rights in a 5-4 verdict. Both liberal and conservative justices wrote for their side of the argument. Each side was fervent in their attempts, but those on the side of equality won today. This decision could open doors to a new era of social justice. Anthony Kennedy, one of the liberal court justices, stated that he believed all people deserve “equal dignity in the eyes of the law.” (SOURCE) He went on to say that the Constitution grants equality for all people, and marriage falls under that fundamental right. Many conservative justices claimed that this issue did not hold any real importance to them and that the decision had “nothing to do with the Constitution.” (SOURCE) It is possible that the contradictory and inconsistent views of the conservative side of this debate may have been part of the reason they were not able to win this particular battle.

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