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Sunday Sundries: A Nerdy News Recap – Feb 26th-Mar 4th.

It’s hard to believe it, but 2017 has already rolled the calendar to March!  Whether or not the new month has come in like a lion or a lamb in your current locale, there is one constant when it comes to the third month of the year: it’s National Women’s History Month. If you’d like to learn more about NWHM, or see what other interesting and intriguing newsy tidbits you might have missed this week, please keep reading!

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Five great books on fashion and costume!

It’s no secret that I love fashion and costume— both their current trends and impact, in addition to the history behind clothing, are vastly interesting topics! Likewise, I have a keen passion for books! Thus, I have accrued quite a collection of the printed word in regards to what we wear and why we wear it.


If you’re looking for a fashion book for either informative purposes or simply to look at its lovely pictures, check out some of these suggestions!

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Character Makeover: Alexandra Cabot

Every protagonist needs a foil and, for Josie McCoy of the eponymous group Josie and the Pussycats, we have the pot-stirring, skunk-haired Alexandra Cabot and her ne’er-do-well pet, Sebastian the Cat.


Referring back to my previous article about the new direction of Character Makeover, I’m delving into the 1920s for inspiration to give Alexandra and the Pussycat gang a flapper-era-influenced look!

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Character Makeover Foxtrots into the Twenties!

…the 1920s, that is, not the 2020’s which, crazily enough, are almost upon us. Yikes!

The 1920s are one of my favorite eras of costume history, and, in general, just plain history. Why is that? Well, for starters, the 19th Amendment was ratified on August 18th, 1920, granting American Women the right to vote, which was only one very small step in the infinite staircase of women’s equality. Of course, one usually can’t think of the 1920s without also considering that pesky 18th Amendment that had been ratified in January of the same year, enacting the Prohibition (Temperance and the Suffragettes often went hand-in-hand), which was thusly amended to end in 1933, in part to help create jobs and revenue to combat The Great Depression.

So, what does this have to to with Character Makeover? Keep on reading to find out!

Life cover by John Held, Jr. 1926
Sooo, it’s not the foxtrot. Life cover by John Held, Jr. 1926

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Harry Potter: Behind the Seams

Judianna Makovsky, Lindy Hemming and Jany Temime. Who are the people behind these names, and what do they mean to the Harry Potter movie world? These happen to be the women responsible for designing the costumes for the magical film franchise.

As I’ve previously mentioned: Costuming is a silent, visual and psychological force when you’re watching something, be it in a movie, a television show or on stage at a theatre. Along with the other technical aspects of a production, costuming is a necessary, integral part of a person’s viewing experience, as it helps do things like set the time period, location and mood of whatever it is you’re watching. Costumes can also give the viewer clues as to who the characters are, what their occupations may be, and can even influence how we feel toward certain characters, depending upon color, fabric and garment choices.

Thus, in order to make a macrocosm like the Harry Potter universe believable, the details separating muggles from magical beings can be seen in just about everything, including how the costume designers decided to dress all of those lovable, irascible, heroic, and/or contentious characters.


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The Gal-lery: Five favorite fashion femmes.

As far as my favorite fashion designers go, this list could be nigh on limitless. Even if I’m not fond of one house’s or designer’s line one year, the next year it could have something really beautiful, eye-catching, fascinating, or just plain awe-inspiring. I’m also one of those people who finds beauty or inspiration in what is not conventionally attractive or appealing. So, even when scads of other people are poo-pooing some weird geometric contraption of a garment, I can understand the human-hours that go into constructing the wearable sculptures we see on the runway, and there is some attraction in that.

Some prefer bold fashion choices...
Some prefer bold fashion choices…

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Capital costumes on TV!

I have to be honest: I’m behind the times when it comes to many television programs. There are quite a few shows that are hugely popular, but I am simply not interested in some of them (many comedies, for example). Other shows, I just haven’t gotten around to watching [yet] (I’m looking at you, The Walking Dead and Madmen. I suppose costumed dramas like Downton Abbey should be added to that list, too). Then, there are some shows that I really enjoy and, overall, are visually stunning — however, the costumes leave me scratching my head (Hannibal, in particular).

Daydreaming about costumes all of the time...
Daydreaming about costumes all of the time…

Since I’ve already talked about some of my favorite movies from a costuming standpoint, here are some TV shows that I not only enjoy for their entertainment value, but for their keen costuming, too!

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Misty Copeland named American Ballet Theatre’s first black principal ballerina!

After a 14-year career with the American Ballet Theatre, 32-year-old Misty Copeland has been promoted to the role of principal female dancer. This marks the first time in the ballet company’s 75-year history that a black woman has held such a position. The announcement was made earlier today that Ms. Copeland, along with three other dancers, would be advancing to the position of principal ballerina.

Ms. Copeland in an ad for Under Armour. Source.
Ms. Copeland in an ad for Under Armour. Source.

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Getting ahead[-piece].

Ever thought about a Star Wars-esque cosplay of Queen Amidala in one of her ornate, over-the-top, regal outfits? Perhaps a The Emperor’s New Groove’s Kuzco costume is more your speed. Or, maybe you have an OC that has some awesome millinery, but you’re just not sure how or where to get started on such a project. Well, hopefully this tutorial will be of some assistance!

This summer’s productions have taken me a little out of my comfort zone as a costume designer, which is great in the long run, as it helps me to build and develop new skills. Plus, with the amount of trial-and-error that occurred, my projects also taught me a lot about what doesn’t work, which, while frustrating at the time (for myself and the people assisting me), is beneficial going forward.

Unfortunately, this falls into the 'didn't quite work-out' category...
Unfortunately, this falls into the ‘error’ category…

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The Gal-lery: National Women’s History Month.

March might be known for coming in like a lion and out like a lamb, but it’s also National Women’s History Month, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. If you’d like to read-up on NWHM, you can view the website for the National Women’s History Project here— the site is chock-full of wonderful information and resources.

In keeping with the theme of women’s history, for this week’s Gal-lery, I asked some of our editors and contributors here at The Daily Geekette to share with us which woman from history they found intriguing, whom they perhaps most admired or found utterly inspirational. Keep reading to discover who Brianna, Kayla, Sarah and I would love the chance to meet!

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