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American Gods: The Women Will Rise

April 30th is almost here – the premiere of American Gods on Starz. I’ve been following the progress of the American Gods TV series since the first announcements about it. When I learned Bryan Fuller was attached to the project, I was excited, but cautiously concerned. Fuller’s NBC series Hannibal felt the ire of fans for poor treatment of its female characters. I feared that complex ladies like Laura Moon, Sam Crow, and Bilquis would be slotted into shallow stereotypes.

Instead, it looks like American Gods has taken the exact opposite road!

“Oh my god, guys, there’s this show that we’re doing and the women are allowed to be actual human beings, can you believe it?” – Emily Browning


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Pushing Daisies Musical: Officially in the Works!

‘Twas a day of much rejoicing among fans of the late (but great) Pushing Daisies, which may soon be revived in the form of a Broadway musical, according to series creator Bryan Fuller! For the uninitiated, Pushing Daisies was a television series which premiered in 2007 on ABC to wide critical acclaim and drew an average audience of nine million viewers per week. Unfortunately, when the WGA strike of ’07 hit, ABC decide to cut the show’s first season short. During the ensuing eight month hiatus, most of Daisies‘ audience forgot about it, prompting ABC to cancel the show after airing only twenty-two episodes total (nine in its first season and thirteen in its second). Many campaigns led by both fans and Fuller have attempted to bring the series back as a film or comic book, but all have failed. Until now!

Source: http://static.tvfanatic.com/images/gallery/pushing-daisies-wallpaper.jpg
Source: http://static.tvfanatic.com/images/gallery/pushing-daisies-wallpaper.jpg

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