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“The Prophecy” – “King Arthur” Movie Review

Guy Ritchie is a man with a particular set of filmmaking skills. With his smart dialogue, high energy action and distinct visuals, he’s one of those directors that stands out.  You know a Guy Ritchie movie when you see it. Sometimes this unique perspective works, while more recently it has resulted in some interesting flops. But do Ritchie’s sensibilities mix well with Camelot’s greatest hero? This is the question many a viewer will ponder while watching King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,  as it seems neither Guy Ritchie nor his fellow producers have such an answer.


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SDCC 2016 News Round-Up: Friday + Saturday – HOLY NEWS, WONDER WOMAN! Edition

As you can guess, the best days of most cons are Friday and Saturday, and this year’s SDCC did not disappoint when it came to the excitement levels of news. So here we go friends – let’s take a look at the most incredible, nerd screaming information that has been released to the masses from San Diego Comic Con 2016 over the past two days! Are you excited? Because Princess Diana certainly is!


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Births and Dark Ones and Bears, Oh My!

Because the American Music Awards are next Sunday, ABC aired two episodes of Once Upon a Time back-to-back this week. While this does cut down the waiting time for us rabid fans, I know many felt this pairing was hit or miss. In “Birth,” Emma’s secret plan for Excalibur is finally revealed, with a dark twist that no one saw coming. In “The Bear King,” two OUaT alumni return and explain where in the worlds they’ve been. And King Arthur continues to be a jerk to everyone.


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This Week on TV: Oct 17 – 23

Welcome back TV lovers! This week, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara met “The Girl Who Died,” played by Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. Jane the Virgin had its heroine consider giving The Rose to one of her suitors, and The Mindy Project continued Danny’s foray into fatherhood. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fully introduced a threatening new villain. The Flash had some villain family drama, and Arrow included a return to Nanda Parbat. Once Upon a Time gave us their take on the Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur story, while Emma continues to battle her inner darkness.

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This Week on TV: Oct 10 – 16

Welcome back, TV lovers!  In Doctor Who the Doctor went back to 1980 to try to figure out what exactly happened “Before the Flood.” On Once Upon a Time, Prince Charming finds a new bro in King Arthur in both the past and present. Meanwhile, Emma plots how to remove Excalibur from the stone. Jane the Virgin returns from its excruciatingly long hiatus, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. welcomes back Jemma Simmons and The Mindy Project shows just what stay-at-home moms do all day. And both of the CW superhero dramas kick things into high gear as their sure-to-be season-long threats become even more menacing.

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Fictional Feminist Squad: Once Upon a Time’s Prince Charming


From the start, Once Upon a Time has been grounded with strong women. Although last season came under criticism for some questionable narrative choices with its female characters, it looks like Season 5 has regained its feminist footing. In particular, I’d like to shine the spotlight on Prince Charming. Most of his solo story arcs took place pre-curse, so Charming tends to be the supportive pal in other people’s crises. But we finally got an overdue arc for David/Charming that puts his characterization back on the same level as Emma, Regina, or Snow.

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“What Girls are Made of”: The Librarians 1×07 and 1×08

Sleepy Hollow‘s off this week, which works out pretty great considering The Librarians was a two-fer. (Next Tuesday’s post is going to be dreadfully long, I apologize ahead of time to both readers and editors).  Anyway, this means I can devote more of my words to the awesome that is TNT’s The Librarians, which is great since we learned A LOT about Cassandra Cillian this week.

“And the Rule of Three” (1×07)

On what is supposed to be their day off, the Librarians can’t catch a break. Each of them is taking advantage of the “free time” to use the Annex resources for work (Eve and Cassandra) or play (Stone and Ezekiel). The clippings book has a magical spazz attack and points them in the direction of a STEM fair, much to Cassandra’s glee. All we’ve known about Cassandra’s upbringing is that her parents squashed the belief in Santa at the age of three because they worried it would stunt her intellectual development. Their dedication to her academic achievements is further illuminated as Cassie vicariously re-lives the joy of academic competition while investigating.


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5 Books to Prepare You for Ren Faire Season

Every year I look forward to August as the opening month of both the Pennsylvania and New York Renaissance Faires. I love dressing up and jumping in a car full of my friends to show up at a fairground full of strange characters with interesting life stories and a common interest in history, fantasy, mythology, etc. But entering this world can be a little intimidating if you’re not sure what it’s all about. Or maybe you are just so excited you want to fill your week leading up to it with relevant books and music and drooling over the vendors’ websites. In any case, I’ve compiled here a list of books that will get you psyched and ready for ren faire. Continue reading 5 Books to Prepare You for Ren Faire Season