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Giant Monsters, Oh My! – Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures Announce Giant Monster Cinematic Universe, Starring Godzilla and King Kong

In 2014, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures teamed up to bring The King of the Monsters, Godzilla, back to the big screen. The results were mostly successful, and gave both companies  the green-light to continue with their collaboration in creating more Monster Movies – and not just any creature features, ones that would all be linked in a shared universe. Yeah, that’s right, Godzilla and Universal’s King Kong, along with a ton of other famous Kaiju, are gonna be part of one cinematic saga.

A Pretty Accurate Photoshop Of Future Movies

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Theater Thursday – “The King and I” (2015) Review

I don’t normally get a chance to see a production after its recent Tony win. Usually once a show gets the coveted award, tickets are hard to come by for months, even years. But luckily, I was able to experience what is one of the most perfectly captivating and beautiful revivals I have ever seen. In all honesty, The King and I will always be, without a doubt, my favorite work of Rodgers and Hammerstein. That isn’t to say that their other classics aren’t as important to me, but there is something utterly enchanting about the story of Anna and the King that never stops entertaining me (and many others) time and time again.


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Theater Thursday: Prepping for Broadway Spring 2015 Season

For this week’s Theater Thursday, we get to take a look at the epic Spring 2015 season. From new productions to revivals, along with interesting casting choices, there is a ton to talk about in the world of Broadway. Are you and your wallet ready for all this theatrical insanity? You’d better be, because this is shaping up to be one memorable year on the Great White Way!

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The Best Etc Ever: “King and I” 2015 Revival Is Gonna Be Really Awesome


In case your Broadway ears hadn’t been perking with recent news already, The King and I Lincoln Center revival just announced its two leads, and it’s pretty awesome! So who will be playing one of the most important Broadway couples of all time? Kelli (MAGICAL PERFECTION) O’Hara and, oh you know, just Ken (SUPER COOL) Watanabe. (Source)

Yep, that’s right, the woman who rocked it like a boss in South Pacific and Nice Work If You Can Get It, along with the guy who kicked butt at being a samurai and fought alongside Godzilla this past June, will now be asking each other “Shall We Dance” and hopefully be dressed in some snazzy pink and red with gold numbers.


The King and I is my favorite Rodgers & Hammerstein piece, and I’m incredibly excited to see it back on the Great White Way, with what is pretty much my dream cast. Kelli is one of my favorite female vocalist these days and she has an incredibly powerful presence on stage. I can’t wait to see her sing “Hello Young Lovers” or “Getting To Know You” since her angelic pipes were born to sing those classic tunes. Also her making sassy faces about The King will be a priceless theatrical experience.

With Watanabe,  he is such an underrated actor, I hope that this gives him some more respect and admiration. Since he is one of the few Asian actors to play this role on Broadway, it’s kind of a really big deal. I have no clue if he’ll be good singing-wise, but at least the role doesn’t demand a “great voice” other than sounding intimidating, which Ken can do in his sleep.

The King & I returns to Broadway March 12th, 2015.

Will you be seeing the return of The King & I? What’s your favorite R&H musical? Comment below!

Right in the Kaiju Feels: Breaking Down “Godzilla” (2014)


As a child, I was raised on a fairy tale. It told of a green giant lizard, who roamed the country of Japan, equally destroying it and saving it with all his might. I was (cinematically) told countless tales of his adventures against other similar monsters of flight and fancy, especially those of a golden three-headed dragon he faced. And though these were never the conventional tales a child of my age would be told, they were the ones that stuck with me, and told me right from wrong. Of course, this wasn’t written by Anderson or Grimm, but many of you know to whom I speak of: Godzilla.

In the 90’s, Godzilla’s countless theatrical appearances were shown to me by my father. We’d watch the available VHS’s and the re-runs on various TV channels, allowing me the chance to learn more about my favorite giant monster. But regardless of the iteration, I loved seeing the Kaiju terror raid through Japan, stepping on any pagoda he could find.

Now we have arrived to 2014, where Godzilla has returned to the big screen, finally in a version that repairs the damage of the 1998 American film of the same name (which lacked any real connection to it’s Toho source material.) This new film though has a much stronger relation to it’s Japanese films of the past, which makes me eternally an 8 year old again.

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